Monday, February 01, 2010

Yet again, Back again!

For the frequenters of this blog, I never need to say that going to Cbe gives me a great feeling, so I'm going to conclude the introduction with, "I was in Cbe for the weekend and came back today!" Having set the context then, lets dive into the 2 great days called WEEKEND! :P

The Usual stuff

I woke up in the bus with a headache, which resulted in crashing on the bed, as soon as I reached home. Srinath called up and tempted me and Dad to come for lunch, with Idi Chakkai Poduthuval (Tender Jack Fruit fry) as the factor. So, with a nice traditional Sambar, Idi Chakkai, Appalam and all, we had a fantastic Palakkad style lunch on Saturday. Srinath, Dad and Periyamma decided to take short naps while I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S on youtube. Awesome (My style) filter kaapi was served in the evening, after which we all set for some Kalayana Shopping.

Marriage Planners at work

For the experience that we are gradually gaining, Srinath and I were discussing on marriage contract (from "pandhal" - decoration stuff to "pandhi" - food) business as a career option. :P Srinath was driving us around, with us issuing him different instructions at the same time (about parking, turning, directions etc). His driving skills are exquisite, he managed to interpret it right all the time.

We finalized the Video and Lunch arrangements for Srikanth's engagement (falling on 3rd Feb) and were checking out suits for the wedding. I got a "You can't get a ready-made suit sir" comment, while Srinath got, "You look like a Raymond Model sir", from the sales guy. Fab India has some great collections for Kurthas. Its simple, neat, economical (for rough use) and I can't say its the best until I wash it and it doesn't shrink. After all the shopping, we went back home sat at a rectangular hall-setting and finalized on the text for invitation cards.

Athai's House, Palakkad

Next morning, I was at my athai's house, in Palakkad. Me and Dad dropped in there, on the way to JP's brother's wedding (too much wedding stuff right???). I wanted to collect some oil that my aunt had prepared to help me and Srinath from retaining the little we have on our head called hair. But, it was commotion there already, as a snake was found in my cousin's study room and they had no other go but kill it. My aunt was all in sobs that they had to kill it and I was all terrified to even step into the house once I heard it. However, we collected the oil, had a quick chat and left.

Dumm Dumm Dumm

It was a great occasion, if only we had reached 2 mins before, we would not have missed the main function. Jayasankar anna looked so smart and was standing there with his perfect match. Another great thing was that I got to meet Kannan and our other Mallu classmates (who also missed the main function - we met them at the gate) after a long long time. It was great catching up. We had an excellent Palakkad Saddhi (thanks to the season, Idi Chakkai again) and headed back to Cbe.


If all those made an excellent trip, what was the perfect ending?? Deepak and Viswesh came home and we were listening to Viswesh's recent works, or at least, we started there. We started talking about a couple of songs and for an hour or so, we ended up Jamming Hariharan's songs, where Viswesh was quoting Hari's style of brigas and Sangadhis, then and there. We signed off singing Mannipaaya from Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (Rahman's latest musical) and "AWE"ing at the genius' use of his voice - so brilliant, and discussing how He has grown as a singer.

The best part of getting into the bus/train from Cbe is that, I always know when I'd be going back. I'm travelling tomorrow night, for Srikanth's engagement and will be back to Chennai on Thursday, only to go back on Friday night!

1) The attention from the last trip has completely faded out. People don't even care if I say this is the permanent mark on my face, I'd be left with. :(
2) @Srinath, As discussed in the deal, I'm waiting for your treat next week. :)

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$ph!nX said...

Chuckle...Speaking of music n singers, you forgot to mention someone synonymous to the term..... What with details of collecting oil from aunts and seating positions in halls, I was expecting a whisper of a name.. Oh, I get it, you're dedicating an entire post to that :P...

Bro, Settling for something a mannequin might wear JUST wont do da.. It's gotta be custom.. Cheers :)

I'm sure the scar would only add to your charm.. A bit higher and you could have been the HP :P

VJ said...

firstly... they killed a snake? pooor thinG! How would you feel if the snakes killed humans because the humans destroyed their homes? Oh wait... that's flash back. I forgot that was the reason the attack of the snakes began!

secondly.... raymond model? :P lol...

third... come to bangalore,... I assure you, there will be a lot of attention...

Srinath said...

Bro.. First of all nice post... U dont often see me appreciating things u do... So :P... Main reason for the high points...

Chiju said...

Rahman's Grammy!!! Soon to follow! :P
can't help it... situation!!! :P
Finally.. there you are.. commenting!!! :)

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