Monday, February 08, 2010


It was just any other day,
The bright morning, fading away.
All it took was a glimpse,
A breeze of momentary bliss.

A leisured day, full of work,
My senses, all on their mark.
All it took was a glimpse,
To disport me; with ease.

Like it were a tower of cards,
Collapsed my busy thoughts.
All it took was a glimpse,
To drain the colors off my face.

A dodging drama seemed apt,
Had I the time to enact!
All it took was a glimpse,
To hurl me way into the past.

Oh! How terrible it was, to miss?
Beauty of those twinkling eyes.
All it took was a glimpse,
A rushing urge of anamnesis.

Fighting again, to accept the loss,
Though afresh seems the way.
All it took was a glimpse,
To make my lovely day!

PS: Missing someone and accepting that, is a whole other thing. But, when it all comes back, you not only have to deal with the past, but also have to fight your way to the present!!!! :) :)

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Sheetal said...

well said.. :)

Chiju said...


Srinath said...

Its true... Even i know how it is...

VJ said...

You win... I always thought "woah i can make neat sentences with the 'WORD of the DAY'" and here you go and post an entire poem!

Way to go! :) And well written. I suppose you were a poet in another life... Maybe one of those poets who wrote anonymously so that everyone was left guessing at their identity. (i remember a lot of stories and poems in sanskrit written anonymously and there was this whole preface which would give information about the kind of writing and who it could be associated to...)

CHIU... :)

Chiju said...

I know you do!!!! :)
Its like Rahman coming and telling me I sang well! Thanks! :)

Charan said...

Hope there is some space for some critic :P

When you decide to do a rhyming schema as I see you've begun with aabb, my thought on that is to stick to the same schema till the end. Also a few words were a hard fit-in into this rhyme.

I guess this time I did not see the usual "prevaricate Chiju-ism" in your poem, well I don't know its a boon or a bane, cos more the prevaricate less the chance of a criticism :D.

I feel you've lot more of a poet in you, unexplored and unexploited yet!!!

VJ said...

"A lot more of a poet in you.."

couldn't agree more to that :)

Chiju said...

Thanks for the feedback!!!

Well.. I never intend to follow a rhyming schema in first place..

And that you felt many words were a hard-fit attributes to what i've tried to prevaricate!!! :P So, I take that as a compliment!!!

Keep visiting and I'll try to keep exploiting the "Chiju"ism in me! :)

Chiju said...


Navneeth R said...

ka ga ga po .... super apu ...

Chiju said...

:) :)

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