Saturday, November 21, 2009

You know.. You know.. You know..

Its been a while now. Everyday while driving to office or back home, when am stuck with some issue in office, or whenever I have the enthu but not the resources, I've been making mental notes to write about lots of stuff, but after I get home do nothing other than watch a couple of episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and crash.

List of posts this is a compensation for:

1) Swathi's Engagement - Went great! Working on putting the videos and photos together to make a compilation.

2) Being stranded in the middle of the highway because of bus breakdown - Let me not get started.

3) Hangover Monday (because of No. 2) - People in office (at least with those I interacted that day) would have thought so. I tried to keep a low profile. Trust me! :P

4) Sp@rrow's B'day - I wanted to write about the time we flung him into the swimming pool. TWICE!!! Anyways, Thanks to No. 3, I couldn't. Happy B'day Vivek! (Imagine today is Monday DUDE).

5) Turn-over Tuesday - Lots of things "turned" over and I realized its gonna be difficult to meet my deadline on Friday. I can boldly say I wasn't responsible for 99% of those. But, noone cares about that. I'm sportive enough! A new learning added to my repository.

6) Weak Wednesday - All hazards from No. 5 taken care of (thanks to my Feature Lead and lots of other colleagues) . But, I was weak and down from cold and it took some time to catch up.

7) Timing Thursday - Everything was shaped to what was planned. Of course, I did a lot of cut backs in gtalk chatting. And somehow and kept to my deadline. Not only that, as promised I went with Deepak and TK (Classmates) to dinner for TK's Birthday. I just wish all those people whose B'days I wanna celebrate, lived in Chennai. But those idiots are spread in B'lore, Calcutta, Cbe, Kuwait, and lots of other places. Can't blame them. I lived in Madurai once upon a time.

8) Frightening Friday - All the timing sense in No. 7 did not count, because ME and my feature lead missed out our Manager in the CC list of the merge request which marks the end of the completion. Well, I know "Oops!" Also, I had to face a stupid issue for which I'm dedicating a separate post.

9) All is well - Finally, as in Indian movies, ALL IS WELL! I hope I don't write a revert post for this on Monday (or make a mental note of it)! We decide to catch a movie (long time since we had a colleagues outing) on Saturday and booked tickets to "A Christmas Carol".

10) Rainy Chennai and Sunny Chennai - People who live in Chennai would rather appreciate Sunny Chennai because rains in Chennai are nasty. Its not rains. Today I was driving down Anna Salai and it started raining. I looked up and I felt a writer's dream come true: "It was a rainy day. Drops of rain poured out of the blue sky". As fast my t-shirt was getting wet, faster was the drying process. Finally, I reached Sathyam Cinemas and found out that the front side of my t-shirt was wet and the back side was not dry; IT WAS BURNING! Weird weather!

9) A Christmas Carol - OH MY GOD! People have such a talent of spoiling a classic. Mr. Dickens, please haunt the writer, director of the movie and if possible Jim Carrey too. However, the 3-D effects were good.

10) Ampa Skywalk - The new mall in Chennai is another version of City Center. Its nothing great. Have to check it out once the 8 screens of cinema and the actual Skywalk is open to the public. I guess its just one other place to hang out and spend money!

PS: Indi Blogger finally approved my blog and gave it a ranking of 63. Thanks to them!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


The project tracking meeting is in progress. The engineers are seated round the conference table and on one end manager is seated. Your teammate, seated next to the manager is giving updates on your project. The manager is paying at most attention to him. You sit straight opposite to him and have no clue about what your teammate is telling - lack of co-ordination you see. As he goes about it point-by-point, your face gradually shrinks from a straight (along y-axes) to almost straight (along x-axes). This is when the manager decides to look at you and catches your expression. Oops!


There is a very steep ramp that you drive down/up as you enter/leave the basement bike park of your office. Until you got used to it, whenever you drive up, your heart skipped a beat imagining the bike halting in the middle, thus slipping down. In fact it has happened a couple of times, but you manage to maintain balance and keep going (then). After six months of driving up and down, one evening, you leave late from office and offer a colleague to drop her at the bus stop. Today, as you drive up the ramp, your driving skills come in handy enough that not only does your bike halts, you slip down so fast that an on-looker had to come running and stop you from falling. Well... Oops!


A hot girl you've been seeing (no no.. take the literal meaning, as in, staring with mouth wide open) since you joined the company moves into your floor and is seated close to your cubicle. You know she is from north India and cannot understand Tamil, well, at least the fast version of it that you speak. One fine evening, as your friend and you pass through her cubicle, discussing loudly in Tamil about whether she'd be there or not, you choose to say "she is so wow" (again in Tamil). As a reflex, she appears in front of you (she walks out of her cubicle to go somewhere). For a moment, both of you stand opposite to each other guessing who is going to give way first. Conveniently, you forget that she doesn't understand Tamil and keep looking at her as if you were sorry for what you said. Oh my God! Oops!