Friday, February 26, 2010

Down the memory lane - I

I was driving a Unicorn by the Nehru Stadium. The last of the shops were shutting down, I was sure it was past 11PM. There was no haste, whatsoever. I let my thoughts play on their own and they were well in sync with the late night September Coimbatore weather - pleasant than ever. My mind breezed into the past couple of days. Well, I should say that is way better than rocketing into the future.

*Concentric Circles Revolving begins*
We have played Pictionary before. But, last night was so much more fun. Vijay, Vivek and his cousin on one team, and, Me, Vibushan and Vivek's sister the opponents, it was the best set of games we'd ever played. Vijay and Vivek were on their best entertaining spree with so many jokes. I had to force myself to sleep, unable to stop replaying the fun.

Today was nothing short. We had thrilling rounds of Counterstrike in the morning and afternoon. We got to chatting for a while and met Harini Maam at her place. Again, all of us laughed so much that I can't recall all the jokes; they were all in such quick succession. JP joined us late and we had our dinner at Alankar Grande. It all began over dinner, with this personality quiz that I asked Anandh. The quiz went like, I'd give them a word and they should tell what comes up to their mind and that relates to their priority in life. Coffee was one of the words and Anandh came up with "morning". Can you blame him??? Well, that's the specialty of out gang. Coffee actually mapped up to sex and the idea of Anandh, coffee, morning and sex was so hilarious that we were laughing so loudly and for a long time. There had to be an end to it and as per plan we headed to Race Course for a good night's walk.
*Concentric Circles Revolving begins*

I was driving along K.G.Theatre (now Big Cinemas), with Anandh behind. We were almost there. As my lips curved into a smile about the fun filled days, a Hunk zoomed past us and the guys on the bike were roaring with laughter. From the sounds, we could say it was JP and Vibushan, still laughing over Anandh's coffee joke. :P

Race course, our favorite spot for relaxed but chatterbox walks, was nothing less that night. Deepak joined us at Race Course and we completed the round slow by time and fast by realization. We clicked many photos of TR style, Sam Anderson style (again, food for Vibu and JP's laughter - they were on a roll that night) and so on. Past midnight, we left race course and headed straight to my place. We played cards for a while, and my system playin all our favorite tunes. After cards, Vivek and Vijay wanted to call it a day, while, Vibushan, JP, Deepak, Anandh and me settled in the portico for a long chat.

It was past 4AM. We had to sleep. We arranged mats and bedspreads in the hall and lay down to sleep. The small leftover talks were fading away. Talking to murmuring to whispering to silence and we were stay put. It was like that for a while and my mind again wandered to take in one of the biggest changes about to happen in my life. I had to shift to Madurai the next day. A big load of packing and shifting work awaited me in the morning. All this hanging out had come to an end. Four years of college had taught me to understand, mingle, and love. The last lesson, probably, the toughest of all, to separate had to be learnt. My heart sank deep and I knew I had to cry, in fact I was almost there. Suddenly, a roaring sound diverted my thoughts.

JP and Vibushan were still in form, laughing at Anandh for his coffee joke, adding a TR interview joke here and there. In fact the entire personality quiz of Anandh was so hilarious and I'm sure he knows that too. :) :)

24th September 2008
Those were the best days of my life.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vetti aapicer special movies

There is no need to define the term in the title. There is not a better feeling than be a Vetti aapicer. One may ask what's the big deal? My answer would be "Try!"

There is a scene from a Tamil movie where Vadivel challenges a guy to be a Vetti Aapicer for one hour or else take 10 whackings with a whip, and you know who wins the joke. Another instance I always remember, is from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Joey proves to Chandler that the coffee shop is less than 100 foot steps from their apartment, and Chandler replies, "You've got way too free time Joe!" (or is it for some other reason he says that?? whatever...)

Well, to clarify all the doubts, I'm employed and am busy with my work. This post also doesn't refer to any of the anybodies I know who are vetti! :P

The thing is that my system is under repair, I guess the hard disk committed suicide, and with it went my entire collection of anything and everything. So, @people-I-know, don't be surprised when I come to you hunting for all the photos you might have taken from me. Unfortunately, I've got a great memory in these respects.

So, having nothing to do at home or the small matchbox I live in, or to console myself about my PC, which is in coma, I've seen "almost" every movie in my list and I covered it in the last 2 weeks. Simawl reviews following.

Goa - Watchable (once)
A very light-hearted movie with nothing called story, but rightly tagged as "A Venkat Prabhu holiday". Very late to say this, but, please don't go with any Saroja or Chennai 28 expectations and you will return satisfied. Sampath has acted very well. Jai's English dialogues were so hilarious that I can't stop laughing about it even now. Everybody were something different and nice, but Premji was so cliched and boring. Pia was so adorably cute and I've not stopped thinking about her as well. :P The song Idhu Varai was so romantic with Andrea's sexy voice. Cheers to the song!

My Name is Khan - I loved it, Screw the rest! :P
Brushing aside other reviews, I loved the movie. I never felt that SRK has over acted, which I thought otherwise before seeing the movie. The first half was a good mix of humor and emotions, but the second half was intense and in a good way. Kajol was not so cute as featured in the trailers. Well, she looked the age she has played. When the movie was in the making, I felt, its just gonna be some kind of drama crap, portraying SRK as the King Khan or something. The movie was nothing like that, but the title is still so apt. Leaving it there.

Striker - Fantastic Attempt
Siddarth has been my favorite since Ayitha Ezhuthu and I'm always interested when I hear his name in the cast. Rang De Basanti (the first Hindi movie I saw in the big screen) and Bommarilu (the only Telugu movie I've ever seen) were two movies I saw, only for Sid and Striker was the latest addition. It is a great attempt. There are obvious problems (not calling them flaws) in the screenplay and the language was difficult to follow. They could have definitely tried to come up with a better link between carrom board and communal riots. Claps to the song "Cham Cham" - simply wow! Its a soothing qawwali type number and the first time I heard it, I knew I had to change my caller tune.

Tamil Padam - ROFL
None other than Shiva could have filled in for the protagonist. The spoof suits him so very well. The side-kicks of Shiva have done their best to keep up and it has worked out pretty well. Every formula of Tamil movies have been targeted. I believe the director made a list of all the films he hated, wrote against them the reasons and the script of Tamil Padam was ready. However, a 2hr plus Lollu-Sabha is more than too much to take. Looking at it as individual scenes would make a lot of difference than looking at it as a movie. This is a movie for all those Peter people with this pickup line, "Taaaamil movies are crap!".

Naanayam - Something different?
Fascinated by the magnum opus in movies like Oceans series and Bank Job, many directors want to re-use those concepts in Kollywood and we have a winner here. A no-nonsense storyline, simple screenplay and at times irritating but credible cinematography. Prasanna (again, one of my favorites) plays security officer of a bank and scores as usual. Sibi was a bad choice, but I can see him grow as a villain in future. Let's wish him luck. I never expected SPB to play such a different role. What pained me was, when I was walking out, I heard a lady say to her husband, "I warned you that we should have seen Vettaikaran" - one reason why Kollywood directors never bother to attempt out of the way stuff.

1) Well, I've asked at least 10 people till now and none of them want to accompany me to see Avatar.
2) I'm looking forward to Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya, releasing this weekend.
3) I hope to setup my system again this weekend. Prayers requested! :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day special

For a change, this post is not about my Coimbatore trip. I'm writing it from there though. :P Too many tags for this one though! :)

"I don't believe in the concept of a day dedicated to love", Goutham Menon, said in an interview today.

One part of me thought, "Very true!!!". If so, why did I argue with Sphinx who told me the same thing, a couple of days back?

The other part repeated, "If we brush aside Valentine's day like that, what about birthdays? As if we are dedicating only one day for our birth in this world and behave like inferis the rest of the time."

Later, I saw a Google Buzz (the latest time-whiling introduction or replication by google) of the great blogger Mr. Occam. He was wondering that Feb 14th actually depicts the murder of a priest and why would one want to celebrate it. Again, valid point, but soon, I read a reply buzz that it is not his murder that lovers are celebrating, but his beliefs.

I somehow looked forward to this Valentine's day, because, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya, a movie I have been yearning to see (more yearning t hear actually) was supposed to release, day before yesterday. However, it did not and that was the first of the disappointments this weekend.

Last year, this day was more of a hype because of threats that lovers seen celebrating Valentine's day would be compelled to celebrate their first wedding day or rakhi today. This year, I believe all the threats to My Name is Khan eclipsed Valentine's day. Let's leave it at that.

Still, we all live in a democrazy people. So, here's a Happy Valentines day to

1) People celebrating their Thala (not Ajith) Valentine's day (I mean with whomever they are seeing right now).
2) All the other lovers in this world.

To all the broken hearts, you were at least so close. Its probably for the best. Your day is on its way. Keep going!!! :)

1) Prayers to all the martyrs who lost their lives in Coimbatore 12 years ago, for no mistake of theirs. The day and its visuals are still afresh in everyone's mind, I bet. God bless their families.
2) @Google: Personally, I feel Buzz is a great idea. That's for the record, ok? All my readers are witnesses.
Sorry for the spelling mistake, I noticed it late. I know how democrazy is spelled. Sorry, democrazy. Oh Shit! Again. Well, Democrazy, is it???
4) @People of Mumbai: Cheers! Once more you proved that you are one of the bravest set of Indians. Well, a small example that a little of democracy is still alive. Aaha!!! Got it right this time.

Monday, February 08, 2010


It was just any other day,
The bright morning, fading away.
All it took was a glimpse,
A breeze of momentary bliss.

A leisured day, full of work,
My senses, all on their mark.
All it took was a glimpse,
To disport me; with ease.

Like it were a tower of cards,
Collapsed my busy thoughts.
All it took was a glimpse,
To drain the colors off my face.

A dodging drama seemed apt,
Had I the time to enact!
All it took was a glimpse,
To hurl me way into the past.

Oh! How terrible it was, to miss?
Beauty of those twinkling eyes.
All it took was a glimpse,
A rushing urge of anamnesis.

Fighting again, to accept the loss,
Though afresh seems the way.
All it took was a glimpse,
To make my lovely day!

PS: Missing someone and accepting that, is a whole other thing. But, when it all comes back, you not only have to deal with the past, but also have to fight your way to the present!!!! :) :)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Yet again, Back again!

For the frequenters of this blog, I never need to say that going to Cbe gives me a great feeling, so I'm going to conclude the introduction with, "I was in Cbe for the weekend and came back today!" Having set the context then, lets dive into the 2 great days called WEEKEND! :P

The Usual stuff

I woke up in the bus with a headache, which resulted in crashing on the bed, as soon as I reached home. Srinath called up and tempted me and Dad to come for lunch, with Idi Chakkai Poduthuval (Tender Jack Fruit fry) as the factor. So, with a nice traditional Sambar, Idi Chakkai, Appalam and all, we had a fantastic Palakkad style lunch on Saturday. Srinath, Dad and Periyamma decided to take short naps while I watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S on youtube. Awesome (My style) filter kaapi was served in the evening, after which we all set for some Kalayana Shopping.

Marriage Planners at work

For the experience that we are gradually gaining, Srinath and I were discussing on marriage contract (from "pandhal" - decoration stuff to "pandhi" - food) business as a career option. :P Srinath was driving us around, with us issuing him different instructions at the same time (about parking, turning, directions etc). His driving skills are exquisite, he managed to interpret it right all the time.

We finalized the Video and Lunch arrangements for Srikanth's engagement (falling on 3rd Feb) and were checking out suits for the wedding. I got a "You can't get a ready-made suit sir" comment, while Srinath got, "You look like a Raymond Model sir", from the sales guy. Fab India has some great collections for Kurthas. Its simple, neat, economical (for rough use) and I can't say its the best until I wash it and it doesn't shrink. After all the shopping, we went back home sat at a rectangular hall-setting and finalized on the text for invitation cards.

Athai's House, Palakkad

Next morning, I was at my athai's house, in Palakkad. Me and Dad dropped in there, on the way to JP's brother's wedding (too much wedding stuff right???). I wanted to collect some oil that my aunt had prepared to help me and Srinath from retaining the little we have on our head called hair. But, it was commotion there already, as a snake was found in my cousin's study room and they had no other go but kill it. My aunt was all in sobs that they had to kill it and I was all terrified to even step into the house once I heard it. However, we collected the oil, had a quick chat and left.

Dumm Dumm Dumm

It was a great occasion, if only we had reached 2 mins before, we would not have missed the main function. Jayasankar anna looked so smart and was standing there with his perfect match. Another great thing was that I got to meet Kannan and our other Mallu classmates (who also missed the main function - we met them at the gate) after a long long time. It was great catching up. We had an excellent Palakkad Saddhi (thanks to the season, Idi Chakkai again) and headed back to Cbe.


If all those made an excellent trip, what was the perfect ending?? Deepak and Viswesh came home and we were listening to Viswesh's recent works, or at least, we started there. We started talking about a couple of songs and for an hour or so, we ended up Jamming Hariharan's songs, where Viswesh was quoting Hari's style of brigas and Sangadhis, then and there. We signed off singing Mannipaaya from Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (Rahman's latest musical) and "AWE"ing at the genius' use of his voice - so brilliant, and discussing how He has grown as a singer.

The best part of getting into the bus/train from Cbe is that, I always know when I'd be going back. I'm travelling tomorrow night, for Srikanth's engagement and will be back to Chennai on Thursday, only to go back on Friday night!

1) The attention from the last trip has completely faded out. People don't even care if I say this is the permanent mark on my face, I'd be left with. :(
2) @Srinath, As discussed in the deal, I'm waiting for your treat next week. :)