Monday, July 14, 2008

Exams & us!!!!

"Da, Do you know how to execute a JSP code?" asked JP, his face carried a cool smile.

"Man! What's the full form of CGI?", I asked, totally not taking in what he had just said to me. He was equally unmoved like i was speaking Latin.

"Hey guys! Vivek was all wierd when he called me. He mentioned about some IT lab exam tomorrow and that we are gonna prepare now", Vibu entered the room. JP and myself broke into very heavy laughter.

We had just met for the preparation of our Internet Technologies(IT) lab exam. JP, who usually comes last, had reached earlier. It was one of the toughest labs we have ever had, at least according to us. The reason is that we never gave the slightest attention in the IT class. A very simple reason-sake answer: Classes are boring. The truth is that most of us are not interested in everything about engineering. Each one of us had different interests and did well in those aspects, discarding the rest.

                                     One of those exam eves, spent playing cards!

Our Gang: Vibushan(Vibu or Bushan), Jayaprasad(JP), Vijay(Sumo), Me, Vivek and Anandh. To define our gang, i'd use the word "exam time fun people". We have our own way of taking up exams. All those night stays during exams can never be forgotten by any of us. Exam eves were the best of all. More than studying, what we used to do is planning. Schedules were re-scheduled always and in the end, we'd have had so much fun that our minds would be a blank slate. In the end, While dispersing, JP and Vibu would conclude, "Machan, full discussion in bus tomorrow." Hats off to them, they'd do all the work that others did the whole day, in the bus.

The exams would be even more interesting. Getting to know small facts and tips here and there from everyone and passing it on, just before the exam, in front of the hall. When the question paper is distributed, staring at each other, reassuring that the others in the gang are also blinking. Vivek and I would give the picture that we're writing very seriously. However, the race is who would fly out of the hall first. The rest would be furious until one of us would just get up and storm out of the exam hall. Anandh, the leisure writer, always remained idle in the exam hall. He'd be stretching, yawning, cleaning his eyes with the thumb and index finger of his right hand etc. Vibushan, once he starts writing stories, would irritate us by going on writing till the end. However, most of the time, he is a good story teller.

Vijay, looking at him in the exam hall is the best time pass. His peculiar way of biting his nails as he writes will be so hillarious that we can't stop laughing. He gives attention to every detail duirng the exams. I don't want to go into the description. LOL!!!!

In the end, there would be no difference between any of us. Of course, marks may differ according to how we've done the exams. However, none of us would have learnt anything great nor would have that helped us in the so called internals, nor would we prepare well next time. The fact is most of the time, we just tried to avert failing the semester rather than learn something.

Thus, whether i miss College, classes or anything else, i would definitely miss those exams and the eves we spent planning how to spend our leave. Three cheers to us....