Friday, December 31, 2010

From 2010 to 2011 - The final day

As we enter the final day of 2010, the curtain of a year's drama slowly comes down and we have to get going. Even as you are reading this, expectations are building everywhere - what you expect and what others expect of you - pressure. Resolutions - the worst of all crap man has come up with. Not only do you put yourself through something just for the sake of it, you also take guilt for not keeping up - pressure. The race you are in or getting ready for needs this, that and everything else that you get so self indulged with yourselves and friends/relatives/girlfriends get mad - pressure. Life is not a bloody pressure cooker.

Now stop.

Why the hell am I blurting out dialogs from 3 Idiots????

I believe that each and everyone knows what they want already or would figure that out somewhere down the lane and thus decide what they have to deal with. So, my only say is , "Live your Life". Rest unsaid. I'm getting to how 2010 turned out for me. People who are uninterested can change the channel anytime. :) Those who are rushing out now, "Happy New Year. May 2011 unearth all that you had/need for you".

My 2010
Considering no one really close to me died, I should say 2010 was an awesome year for me. Well, this might be a tacky statement. If you knew the 2009 my family lived through, I already know that you are smiling. :)

Best moments include
1) Double weddings in the family (April 6th - April 11th) - Totally disconnected from the outside world. Probably the longest duration I've not checked my mail, since 2005.
2) Quality time with family and my cousin Srinath (Jan - April) - We travelled to Coimbatore every single weekend during this time. We made a video of our family. It came out fantastic and I'll cherish that forever.
3) Went back to the childhood days with my oldest friend Arvind (Oct/Nov), when we were working on something together, which came out successful (well, not the best, but it did).
4) Dad celebrated his 60th B'day. There is not a single day where we don't have an argument, but the man is right about almost everything. Phew! 60 years. I'd be happy if I develop half as patience and responsibility as him.
5) Colonial Cousins Live - I heard the songs I have loved since I didn't even know to operate my car's stereo, live. Man! I loved Nov 19th for this.
6) I have worked really hard this year. First half of the year for personal reasons and the second half for official reasons. Got my salary credited today and knowing that every penny counts is invaluable.
7) When I held my cousin's six month old daughter for the first time. The feel of being one generation older was something. Can't wait to be an official uncle, which is going to happen soon.

Worst moments include... well, why talk about it when you know its gonna do no good.

Other Tidbits
Movies I loved - Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya, Raavanan, Endhiran, Jhoota Hi Sahi, Madrasapattinam.
Movies I hated - Kites, Suraa.
Favourite Cricketing Moments - Sachin's double century, Sachin's 50th test ton, Laxman's match saving innings with Australia.
A new place I Visited - None.
Longest bike ride - Nov 19th - Murphy chose me that day.
Epic Fail - Gym, CAT, Buying a keyboard.
Best meal I ate - Dad had made an ultra super Morukootan (moru kolambu) last month.
Best meal I cooked - Chappathi, Bindi Fry (last weekend) :P
Best thing I learnt from a mistake - Don't take it for granted that even the "closest" of people are what you think they are. You have no idea. Either wise.

Well, I just wrote all those that came up to my mind now. :) In short, 2010 was awesome. I just wish 2011 has something similar in store. I'm sure it would.

Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Have fun!
31st December 2010