Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Don't be a stranger

There was once a time,
To forget it, would be a crime.
The stage has now by gone,
The play though, is still on.

To recount this over and again,
My voice takes quite a strain.
You know this little quirky tale,
Lived long it has, and become stale.

To erase the past, safe it's not,
Spoken words, have become what?
The present, my friend, is all we have,
Forget not, we carry that we carve.

This strange new face, about I wonder.
Shades it has, makes my mind wander.
Is this grey mask newly worn?
Or the old mask, now thrown away torn.

Beauty and strength there to see
Are like green leaves on a tall tree.
Drained off color, they will fall,
To be stamped and crushed by all.

Success, my friend, is so strange.
Formless it is, and can change.
Character, you can shape only once.
Build it well, while still there a chance.

Oh my friend, you're in a dream,
And you will wake up with a scream!
For a world you paint, dear artist,
Has never been known to exist.

Oh my friend, you fly high.
Wings - you have, I don't deny.
But, a bird, away you fly past,
Is a bird less that's left to last.

Flap and fly, and go farther
And higher, and even further.
May you grow taller and stronger,
But, my dear friend, don't be a stranger.