Monday, August 31, 2009

Spot the difference

Scene 1
The leader shouted, "Let Our Language win!"
The crowd repeated the phrase jointly.

Scene 2
One dog barked, "Bow Wow Bow Wow".
A lot of other dogs joined together and there was more baking.

Scene 1
The leader went on a procession in his luxurious car. He seemed to be happy.
The crowd ran with the car, shouted praises. They were happy too.

Scene 2
The dog chased behind a car that passed by. It was ferocious.
A lot of other dogs joined the chase. They were equally ferocious.

Scene 1
The leader distributed clothes or whatever crap might win him vote/trust of the people.
The crowd waited in long queues, got the donation and gave him the vote/trust.

Scene 2
The dog found a piece of meat, it was not sure about sharing it.
A lot of other dogs fought with the dog for a piece of meat.

Scene 1
The leader attracted the crowd with his inspirational speech.
The crowds looked at theirH(Z)ero in AWE.

Scene 2
The dog could only only bark.
So could the other dogs. They barked along.

Scene 1
The leader finally won the trust of the crowd.
The Crowd was fooled anyway.

Scene 2
The dog only knows why it is barking and whether it succeeded or not.
Applied to the fellow dogs also.

What is the similarity between Scene 1 and Scene 2??????
1) Both the scenes are a nuisance to traffic and the public.
2) While driving if one witnesses any of the above scenes, they tend to take a different route.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking up and around

I look up and around,
A fresh breeze blows within.
An occasional smile.
The aroma of fresh filter coffee -
I get going.

I look up and around,
A swarm of bees flying around.
I search for the INVISIBLE hot-air vent
But in vain.
I keep going.

I look up and around,
Its definitely time for a break.
I signal for some time,
But I know.
I will have to go.

I look up and around,
They don't want to frighten you.
But, their look does.
Don't have a choice,
I better keep going.

I look up and around,
The steam engine at its peak.
Calm faces of the cuter sex,
Work better than the chillers.
I know I have to keep going.

I look up and around,
Known faces beaming at me.
Meaningless blink of the eyes,
They seem to keep going.
I try to keep going.

I look up and around,
The back of my head exercising.
Hunt for freshness starts,
I know it doesn't exist.
But, I have to keep going.

I look up and around,
Few called it a day.
Few laze around.
Few stay put.
I force myself to keep going.

I look up and around,
There are definite echos.
Yet I'm still here.
I'm not lonely.
No other go, have to keep going.

I look up and around,
Feel the souls resting.
Spot-lights on the rest,
I work a smile on my lips.
I keep going.

PS: Dedicated to all those I ditched this weekend. Sorry guys! I have to keep going.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not as calm as the cover

Almost two months back, I was @ Odyssey to purchase complements for a birthday bash at office. As I was inquiring, something caught my eye, rather it was a pleasant and lovely surprise. I wanted to buy it immediately, but it was month end and since it is in print, I thought it will be there for sometime and it can wait till next week. Next week became next month and finally last week, my cousin got it for me on my birthday.

This is all about Kamini Mathai's book on A.R.Rahman - A.R.Rahman, The Musical Storm. Though she claims it to be, Rahman has denied that it is his official biography. However, Rahman, who is very particular about going through articles about him before they are published, would have definitely given an approval before the book release. Hence, I choose to believe what I read. Being a Rahmaniac, I just see this as getting to know more about the spiritual genius.

A.R.Rahman - The Musical Storm

NB: This is a review about the book and not about Rahman. As usual I'm starting with the positives.

1) Hats-off to have made this happen. When meeting him rather getting a glimpse of him is impossible, she has made the incredible, unbelievable and impossible happen.
2) To portray truth (interesting but unexpected) about such a personality in a country like India (where anything in print can get the masses against you) one needs guts and way to go.
3) She has maintained a low profile in her organization of he content. I found it very easy to read. It was simple and straight forward.
4) How many people has she met? Whether she used the web/phone/in-person-interviews or whatever, lots of effort has been put into it.
5) Starting with the Oscar night and leading us to Dileep as a boy attracted my attention as a reader.

1) There are many repetitions, a few of them being so prominent. For instance, the fact that Rahman and his family have closed the door to their past has been stressed at least thrice in each chapter. Another example is singer SPB's quotation of the divine feeling when he is in Rahman's studio; the same quotation appears twice. After a while, we tend to go, "Ya ok! So what's the big deal?"
2) Why does she say the music of Tenali (Kamal's movie) is awful? She could have restrained from those commenting on his music.
3) Generally, comparisons are good. In fact I liked the way she has compared how Ilayaraja and Rahman compose music (the process). But, she has given a picture of Rahman wanting to overthrow Ilayaraja and contradicted the same, later. I believe each and every genius have their way of working and they are great in their own way.
4) I bet anyone who reads the book would be able to make out the fact that A.R.Rahman, The musical storm is an attempt to cash in on his success. It is so evident from the controversial touches it carries. No wonder Rahman claimed that this is not completely official. She has miserably failed though (not sure about the cash, but definitely with the controversy).

Hillarious ones
1) It is funny when she quotes Rahman's punctuality stating he'd not have lasted even for while in the industry had he started working with his father, who fired people for not being punctual.
2) Mr. TR (Mr. T.Rajendar) has a paragraph about him. She says how Dileep (Rahman, back then) used to get irritated working for him. It tickled me to laughter only when I read how TR used to compose.

About the Content
My respect for this genius only grew. The child prodigy in him impressed me. The responsibility he took up on his shoulders at the age of 11 is wonderful. The way he moved on when he was ill treated by his teachers shows the amount of patience he had, even as a kid. From his days as a sessions player, his ad jingles days, his band days, from Roja to Delhi-6 and specifically from Dileep to A.R.Rahman, he did not fail to awe me. He just bowls you out and you sit there with your mouth wide open.

Like the book finishes, the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTA awards are locked in his cupboard; the spot-lights are down and he is back to work. He is Rahman.

Another review I read

Friday, August 07, 2009

Always listen to Chiju

"Polaam da (Lets leave man)", Arvind said. "Its getting late. We'll play tomorrow."

"Only one game", I insisted. "We were not able to play this evening and we'd not be able to play till monday."

"Its already dark. We won't be able to spot the ball", he argued.

"That's ok. Only one game na?", I wouldn't let go.

We were at Rajeesh's place, stopped by to drink water, on the way back from tuition. We did not have Hindi tuition on weekends. It was just another tuition my mom tried out with no other rationale other than getting me to like the subject a little. I was in fourth standard and Hindi, especially grammar was a pain in all the wrong places.

My idea of Hindi tuition meant fun with Rajeesh, Nithin and Arvind (he got 95% the last exam and suggested the idea, little did he know that the problem was me and not any teacher). Every evening Arvind used to walk to my place, I joined him there and the next stop was Rajeesh's house. I made sure that we reached his house at least half an hour early to celebrate Cricket Time! I never knew that they were actually going to learn Hindi.

After a long and unsuccessful attempt of convincing, I gave up. We came out of the house, and as we started to walk, I said, "Let's take the forest route da,".

"Are you mad? Its too dark", he was stern.

Yet another round of argument and finally I said, "Ok. You go this way. I'll come through the forest. We'll meet in the next lane", and started walking towards the other direction. He called behind me and warned me, but why would I listen?

By forest, I am talking about a big deserted piece of land connecting two lanes. It was left unattended, so was covered with big, dense bushes with only a narrow pathway through which we used to walk. At that age, doing such a thing meant heroism to me. I'd go home and say, "I walked via the forest today! How brave am I!"

I know what all of you are thinking (at least people who know about my one actual fear). But, nothing happened in the forest that day. I walked through it as usual and reached the next lane. I was sure Arvind was walking in the perpendicular lane and would reach the meeting point in no time for mine was the longer route.

My aim was to reach there sooner. The reasons being, one, I wanted to reach before him and two, the street lamps were all out in that lane. It was pitch dark. Now, I was a hero, but can't take on darkness because I'm tired from the forest adventure. I wanted to run, but wasn't sure. I was bad at running too (I was not fat back then; just a bad runner).

I started to panic and decided to run. Immediately I thought I saw a couple of small, glowing balls in the air, but I did not want to stop or check, I kept running. Suddenly, I heard a breathing noise (hmph hmph hmph.. in CAPITALS) behind me. As I was running, I turned to see a fully grown Doberman chasing me. Its wrath gave me the assurance that its going to taste my leg that evening. I would definitely say that of all the running in my life, that day was my personal best.

I did meet Arvind, but the scene was a little different. He was running behind me yelling, "Chiju Chiju Chiju. Don't run", and me running even harder as if he was the dog. I did not stop until I reached my house. I was panting so badly that it took more than an hour for me to explain it to my sister and mom. Arvind had to stay there until I completed it, just to check if I was bit by the dog or not.

That idiot went home late anyway that day; he might as well played a game of cricket. I'd have not thought about walking through the forest. Of course, I never stepped in there from then. Hence the proof.

PS: Its Arvind's birthday today (06/08) and I wrote him a testi in orkut, before which I read the one he had written about me, for my last birthday. He has mentioned it there and this funny scene came to my mind.
Happy Birthday again da!