Monday, August 31, 2009

Spot the difference

Scene 1
The leader shouted, "Let Our Language win!"
The crowd repeated the phrase jointly.

Scene 2
One dog barked, "Bow Wow Bow Wow".
A lot of other dogs joined together and there was more baking.

Scene 1
The leader went on a procession in his luxurious car. He seemed to be happy.
The crowd ran with the car, shouted praises. They were happy too.

Scene 2
The dog chased behind a car that passed by. It was ferocious.
A lot of other dogs joined the chase. They were equally ferocious.

Scene 1
The leader distributed clothes or whatever crap might win him vote/trust of the people.
The crowd waited in long queues, got the donation and gave him the vote/trust.

Scene 2
The dog found a piece of meat, it was not sure about sharing it.
A lot of other dogs fought with the dog for a piece of meat.

Scene 1
The leader attracted the crowd with his inspirational speech.
The crowds looked at theirH(Z)ero in AWE.

Scene 2
The dog could only only bark.
So could the other dogs. They barked along.

Scene 1
The leader finally won the trust of the crowd.
The Crowd was fooled anyway.

Scene 2
The dog only knows why it is barking and whether it succeeded or not.
Applied to the fellow dogs also.

What is the similarity between Scene 1 and Scene 2??????
1) Both the scenes are a nuisance to traffic and the public.
2) While driving if one witnesses any of the above scenes, they tend to take a different route.

4 Expressions:

$ph!nX said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

"Bow Wow" = "Let our Language Win"

too good ;)

VJ said...

And there are different types of 'leaders' as there are different typed of dogs...

Good One chiju

Divya A said...

Good post.. Nice layout :) Blue :D

Chiju said...

Its more of a continuous Barking! :)
yeah.. there are a lot of breeds breeding everywhre! :)
Thanks man! I missed the help of a decorator this time.. ;)

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