Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Incredibly Hunk

September has become a month of anniversaries for me. The Business Unit (BU) I work for completed one year today (I've been here only for 4 months now)! I'm just back from the celebrations. It was fun decorating the office floor with balloons and stuff. A few of us sneaked in early this morning (despite the heavy rains in Chennai) and set the floor up for some fun. I also hear that it is going to be a great month with fun events coming up every week. Its so good to be here and thinking about what brought me here makes me so happy. However, it is another story and I'll save it for the month end while explaining about another anniversary.

Completing a brisk one year!

Looking up and around from my cubicle

Now, September 1st, co-incidentally happens to be a very important day to me. I actually wanted to write this post as a suspense filled one quoting, "I met him last year the same day ... blah blah blah". But, that style is becoming cliched and I'm not that good at writing stuff like that. So, coming to the point, I started driving my Hunk from September 1st 2008.

It doesn't seem like a year though. The reason is that, I'm not foolish, not to notice my name printed as 'Siraj' and not as 'Sriraj' on the RC book. Last week, the lady at the insurance renewal counter pointed out that to me. :( The irony is I've been stopped for papers checking at least 6-7 times since then and it has been unnoticed yet.

The journey (takes the literal sense here) has been wonderful. 7500 kms of road fun is how I'd describe this one year of biking. Except for one bloody middle of the road dancing in(ac)cident in Madurai, we have smoothed through, haven't we? The couple of scratches and broken rear view mirror hurt more than than my broken nose. Chaps at Madurai would back me up. :)

The sad part is I never got to drive much in Coimbatore. But, I made the most of the 25 days I had. The prank I played on all my friends when I got the bike was amusing (at least for me). Vivek and Tk gave me the funniest reactions.

Topping the list of my proud possessions, this is just a year. Lot more driving to do. Lets speed through BUDDY! Happy Birthday!

When he was 10 days old

PS: When Vibu told me he had changed the appearance of his blog, I thought its time to change mine also because I changed it the last time he did.

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Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

Wishing the Hunk boy many more happy returns of the day!!!!!!

$ph!nX said...
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$ph!nX said...

Hey hunk ;) Thanks a lot for bearing the bulk around ;) Kudos to you !! :) and hope u keep up the good work :) Coz the bulk sure as hell cares for ya ;)

Chiju said...

The hunk says thanks!
The hunk and the bulk say thanks! :)

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