Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love you forever

Ain't it only been a story,
Forever I needn't be sorry.
Earlier, had I known you?
Easier, could I have swayed you?

Thou sent misery once -
Questions I had in tons.
No choice had I but accept,
For - with You, He explained it all perfect.

Terrible was the journey,
So light it seemed as I saw You and me.
Eclipsed was all the fright -
The more I held you close and tight.

Tears was the adieu I had,
For, traveling far was a craving mind.
Not realizing until again what was true -
All You, You and only You!

Letting you know how I felt,
Fair enough to you, I thought.
A stubborn million words,
All hidden under locked doors.

And one day did I find the key.
Fair would've been to me,
Had only the key worked -
With all the doors you closed.

Love was all I asked you,
Though shared was it long ago.
Had it only been so easy -
As falling for you little daisy.

Looking back I see and yearn,
All the lovely moments we'd drawn.
Though tough its gonna be,
My first love you'd always be.

Well, the crappy poet is back! :)

PS: I came across this story of a guy who has explained how much he loved this girl. It was so touching and I wanted to write about it. The small poet in me thought, why with sentences? Why not with a poem?

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$ph!nX said...
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Vivek said...

Just lovely!

Chiju said...

Thanks man! :)

Divya A said...

Wow !!! Am impressed :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Nice one! whos is tha gal da? i'm askin ya repeatedly :D :D sollu man :D

Chiju said...

Am honoured!
hahahaha.. i thought till last week the reason u were asking was different!!!! :P you've got to put up with me for 3 days next week.. shut up if u don't want to be crushed! :)

VJ said...

Who said you cannot write poems?

"The book of love has music in it.. and instructions for dancing"

Chiju said...

Peter Gabriel can't be more right!!! :)

Navneeth R said...

Lovely Lovely !! No words ..
Ahem ... Ahem ... I just dont believe what you wrote in PS ...

Chiju said...

Din I cover it up well??? ;)

Janith said...

"Well, the crappy poet is back! :)"
(What the hell !!!!!)

He says its crappy,
but this aint close to scrappy,,
See i cant even rhyme
And this a'nt worth a dime

Now this is a crappy masterpiece>>>

Now the REAL crappy poet please stand up>>> please stand up>>>>

thtz me thatz me ...right here..

Chiju said...

I welcome back the most intelligent commentator of my blog! :)
You could give it a try! I believe u'd sound much much better than me...

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