Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mission Muscleaando!

Me: So, What's this in-body crap all about?
Janith (pointing to the wall on which I was resting my back) : Din you go through that chart?
Ananth: No! What's that?

A short pause.

Me: That looks like fun.
Ananth: Sure! Fun for the guy who is doing it. And how come they get to charge us for this?
Me: True. As soon as I go in, I'll be like - Hey! Here I'm. All set to entertain you.

Nithin looked at me and I sensed that he felt left out.

Me: Don't worry Nithin. They'd have fun with you too.
Janith (looking at us): I'd definitely want to have a look at your results.
Me: Well, Why wait for them? Its not my first time. Fat, Fat. Fat-Fat-Fat and Fat and only Fat.
Nithin: In my case, it'd be Nothing, nothing. nothing-nothing-nothing and nothing.

All of us had a good, loud laugh and became silent immediately when we thought someone from inside was looking at us.

Janith: I bet the guys inside are betting right now?
Ananth: What bet?
Janith: The jokers outside. Two days or Three days?

The conversation had to come to a halt (at least for me). It was time for some eye exercising.

Me (in my mind): Wow! That's a good reason to come here daily!

Finally, the four of us finally joined the gym.

PS: That wasn't the exact conversation we had. I've done some amount of editing to bring it in the form of a post. But this is pretty much the gist.

4 Expressions:

Vivek said...

Soon you'll be coming with the guys and saying "I WANNA QUIT THE GYM!"

Divya Arikere said...

Gym !!! :D AGAIN !!!! ;) LOL

Chiju said...

As if I like $50 being taken from my bank account every month! LOL!
All in game!

Nithin said...

we will go straight to the bank and cut it from the source.... no going to the gym with "I WANNA QUIT THE GYM"

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