Tuesday, October 06, 2009

All about a Date!

I crapped about crap bags and crawled away from the blogging world for a while now. Actually I've got 8 posts (including 2 poems) in my dashboard, in started, in the middle of and should I post this or not states. Will post them soon. This kinda became a HIGH PRIORITY post.

There is nothing more wonderful than two people getting together and making a commitment. Well, this does not apply if one them is an ex-someone or whatever.

The news is that soon, wedding bells would be heard in my house. I was all along thinking that finding that perfect person is the difficult part. I used to brag to my dad and others that once my sister finds that person I'd see that the ceremony or whatever process it is would be grand.

It so happened that two weeks back she did find that perfect person. The entire family (including paati, periyammas, chittappas, chittis, kuttis etc) were all excited and happy. It so happened that I was in Cbe during the whole "Swathi and Mahesh said yes" bonanza.

So? What next?

Dad: We've got to get the dates fixed soon.
Srinath: First, let's ask Swathi and Mahesh about their convenience, leave or whatever.
Me: I'll check with everyone from our side to know their availability.

After a long length of discussion, arguments, negotiations and excel sheets (I follow process!!!), we
decided on April/May 2010. The plan was to get a list of probable dates and choose the best. I had the following items on the checklist for the date scrutiny.

1) Relatives from abroad should make it (First marriage in our generation of the family)
2) Friends (Swathi's and Mine) working in B'lore or Chennai (at least) should make it.
3) No tension or panic or exams or anything on the way.
4) From 1,2,3 it is obvious I would choose a sunday.

I called up my athai in Palakkad and told her to check up with the Vadhiyar (or priest) for Muhurat dates. However, the google bulb struck me and I googled for "Muhurtham dates in 2010" and got a long list of dates. The series of events that followed made me and Swathi go berserk.

1) The dates I collected from google was nothing but a list of crap according to the vadhiyar. Did you know the Muhurtham Date should be a resultant of the fusion of the stars of the boy and girl?
2) March was out of picture because there are few board exam students in both the sides. You got to consider that when they are important and must attend people's children.
3) Apparently, there are two ammavaasais (no moon) falling between April 15th and May 15th and marriages cannot be conducted with that condition. (Well, would you let us conduct it if I take a flight and draw a white circle on the sky?)
4) Dates between May 15th - July 15th are not good because of the karmas to be performed to two souls in our family. (I understand. But, I believe the souls will not want to be the reason to delay the marriage)
5) Dates between July 15th - August 15th is not good because they don't conduct marriages in the month of Aadi. (Of course, if it is that far, I don't think we'll have to conduct the marriage in first place)

So, we came back to January/February.

6) It must be after Jan 15th because Dec 15th - Jan 15th is Margazhi month and it is not appropriate to conduct then. Also, Feb 15th + is not appropriate. You should not conduct marriages after Thai month (Jan 15th - Feb 15th).

Getting irritated??? I've been there. Its ok. Go on.

Jan 15th - Feb 15th was the ideal choice. It doesn't end here.

7) Mahesh won't get leave in January.

Feb 3rd (Wednesday) and Feb 5th (Friday) are the probable dates. The main dream of Sunday crashed.

8) Cousin in kuwait has boards between 7th Feb and 16th Feb. He had skipped the previous semester and it turns out that he not only has to attend the semester this time, he has to score high marks, else he'd be detained. Hence, Chitti and Chittappa coming together was out of question. This is the chitti and chittappa who has to give away Swathi in the ceremony, being the eldest couple in the family.

Somehow, the 8th condition was overlooked because we had no choice. We were almost in a stage we finalized on Feb 3rd and thought maybe the next chitti and chittappa could do the ceremony. It was disappointment all over. All the dreams of conducting the special wedding was gone.

9) Amidst the talks, Vadiyar lets slip that his grand-daughter's marriage is fixed on April 8th. That struck a chord with my athai. She checked it out once more and he came up with two more dates - April 1st and April 11th.

Now, I din want to make a fool of myself or anybody. Hence I ruled out April 1st (Thursday).

10) We did have a winner. Sunday, April 11th 2010 would be the big day. Everybody has confirmed with that date and the entire set of Ram Patrs (my great grand dad's name) would be marking attendance. Block your dates too. :)

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$ph!nX said...


First, Will be there..Sure..

Second, Point number 2 needs to include Kolkata too :P

Lastly, the process followed(u know what i mean) was tooooooooo much :P...Sometimes, when you gotta get things done, dont worry about Six Sigma dude.. Nice to see a date in April tho ;)

$ph!nX said...

Oh yea.. and are we now googling Muhurtham dates as well!??! Really!!

Divya Arikere said...

Hahaha :) I have almost been there with th date confusion thingy.. Well for my sis , we had the place of marriage also as a huge matter ...
And also , looks like someone is making good use of google eh :P

Chiju said...

the use of six sigma implies that the there would be only 1 flaw per some million other things for the wedding.. :)
Nice to hear that from the googling queen!

VJ said...

yes, one person from bangalore will be there.

ahem ahem!

I meant me! :)

Chiju said...

i'll book the band! don't worry!

Vivek said...

One more from Bangalore!

Why didn't the Vadiyar agree when you said you 'll draw a bug white circle in the sky?
Wattay fantastic idea!
These guys are so picky!
:D :D

Dei, you'll know I'll hold up the ladder right? when you're painting?

Chiju said...

I know man! :)

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