Thursday, October 29, 2009

You live in the city if....

1) You spend more petrol waiting for the traffic signal than you spend for driving.

*2) The chief minister has taken for granted that he, his family members and party members bring good luck and prosperity, hence posted their smiling faces on the dividers of every main road; you can look at it on your way to school/college/office - for a good day's start . I know Tata Docomo does that for advertisement. Well, ....

*3) On your way home you see both sides of the road lighted brighter than the sun with tube lights (ruling party's some number anniversary celebrations) and reach home to see there is a power cut for maintenance work.

4) You pay 25 bucks more for a dosa just because the hotel's got smooth flooring, ambient lights, a jug of water on every table and a menu card; forgotten is the fact that it has an equally dirty kitchen as any other hotel.

5) Auto-rickshaws replace the vehicles you saw in Tokyo Drift.

6) A lorry/GOVERNMENT bus honks right into your ass even before the traffic signal displays 10 seconds more to green.

7) You are held by traffic Sergeants who skipped the course on Charge-Sheets and why they are issued.

*8) The cement built dividers in the main roads are dug to hold the flags of the ruling party.

9) Your work never gets done if you go by the rules, but people reach you at home and provide services, if you are good at fraud.

10) As a common man (in Neeraj Pandey's script), you notice all this, yet adjust with it, busy on your adventure to make money. :P

*Conditions applied - Local Politician's creativity must.

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Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

enna mr.enraged man? fire up your ass? :D

VJ said...

I totally Know what you mean,.. however, I must say you have forgotten some thigns..

n) Weird men ride their scooters sitting at an angle always changing lanes like they are swaying to some unheard tune.

n+1) An idiot rushes past twisting and turning on his flashy, noisy bike

n+2) The idiot behind you decides to honk at you if you are the first person to stop at the signal, and it has just turned red.

n+3) You have no time to eat breakfast, so you tend to stuff your mouth with whatever you find on the way to work.

n+4) You want to drive on that freshly cemented/tar-ed road... but some idiot has decided he wants to dig the road up in several places.

n+5) You have an eye infection because you forgot to pull your visor down when riding to work.

n+6) You wish that god would make it rain and drown the civilizations altogether...

Chiju said...

Nothing compared to Madurai.. but certain things that i see daily while driving to office and back home influenced me to write this. :)
Happy to have company! Welcome to the club!!!! :P Btw.. you've talked in masculine gender.. keep in mind girls and women who absolutely have no idea where to turn or move are also pain in the wrong places.. :)

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