Friday, May 27, 2011

Where is it going?

The big question, isn't it? Whenever I've asked myself this question, I have kinda known the answer to it. But, if you don't have an answer to it, man, are you going to put up with a lot of crap.

In the west, this question can generally mean only one thing - a commitment/breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend is in the offing. But, Indians are the kings of customization. We need a mix and match for everything. (Instances below)

The too-much phobia
  • Son is playing too much cricket. He has to write his board exams in four years.
  • Too much work/Too much fun/Too much relaxation/Too much tension/Too much travel.
  • Talking too much in the phone.
The attention-seeker syndrome (I have it)
  • Why no attention at all?
  • Can't people just leave me alone for a minute?
  • I feel like we are drifting apart. (Now, this is very common Ok. Not pin-pointing.)
The gutless phenomenon
  • I don't want the others* to think that something is going on.
  • What if it goes somewhere I don't know where. (read again to understand)
  • What if I can't answer with where I want it to go. (again, read again to understand)
From all that I have understood, it is a question
  • that you should never ask yourself when you don't want to.
  • that you should never let someone irrelevant, answer (and bother).
  • that you should never answer when someone irrelevant asks.
  • that you should always answer aloud (to the relevant).
  • that you should always ask yourself first (and try to answer) before a second opinion.
  • that can work wonders when found an answer to (both ways).
  • that also affects people (or surroundings) other than you.
  • that guys TRY TO AVOID and girls are OBSESSED with (generally).
  • that guys DON'T CARE when they don't have an answer.
  • that girls answer with ALOOF when they don't want to pick an answer.
  • that you SHOULD find an answer when there are too many options.
and the most important one...
  • that is IRRELEVANT when you don't have a choice.
*others - anyone/anything that is not a stakeholder of which is going where, except for gossiping about it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Simply Complicated

Call it anxiety, excitement, nerves or just plain mental, often, you live that day where you can't control your mind. Well, in first place, you didn't even know where it was, when probably it was just sitting across and smiling at you; who knows?

Using ten words in place of one (most of them being duh, eh, ah, oh), being unable to explain unwarranted laughing, boring people with stupid stories, hungry yet full, and someone I look up to, announcing to a whole gathering that I have an excellent blog - I knew I'd be writing here today!!!

They are all around you.
They seldom come alone.
Look past the risks,
Swim across the obstacles.
Success is yours.
They are Opportunities.

Open the door to it,
Comes along, waves of anxiety.
Bliss, it can deliver, yet,
Often, a broken heart remains.
I call it Expectations.

It can create loose bonds,
Not as good as breaking them.
You need it. I need it.
Amazing stays the fact, that,
It was only a piece of paper.
Put yours in this one, didn't you? Money.

Tells you what to do.
You never asked why.
Comes at your convenience,
Following it or tailoring it.
You call it Tradition.
I call some of it made up Fiction.

It needn't matter.
You needn't mind.
Not me, Not you.
When it is you and me,
It has a name - Society.

You didn't have it to share.
I lost all of it I had.
What happens next?
Only it has to unveil.
For, it is Time.

Neither did you expect,
Nor did you yearn.
You failed history then, and,
Geography, now just failed you.
Back on that very same road, aren't you?
Ignoring that very same 'blocked' sign again.
You are plain Human.