Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vetti aapicer special movies

There is no need to define the term in the title. There is not a better feeling than be a Vetti aapicer. One may ask what's the big deal? My answer would be "Try!"

There is a scene from a Tamil movie where Vadivel challenges a guy to be a Vetti Aapicer for one hour or else take 10 whackings with a whip, and you know who wins the joke. Another instance I always remember, is from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, where Joey proves to Chandler that the coffee shop is less than 100 foot steps from their apartment, and Chandler replies, "You've got way too free time Joe!" (or is it for some other reason he says that?? whatever...)

Well, to clarify all the doubts, I'm employed and am busy with my work. This post also doesn't refer to any of the anybodies I know who are vetti! :P

The thing is that my system is under repair, I guess the hard disk committed suicide, and with it went my entire collection of anything and everything. So, @people-I-know, don't be surprised when I come to you hunting for all the photos you might have taken from me. Unfortunately, I've got a great memory in these respects.

So, having nothing to do at home or the small matchbox I live in, or to console myself about my PC, which is in coma, I've seen "almost" every movie in my list and I covered it in the last 2 weeks. Simawl reviews following.

Goa - Watchable (once)
A very light-hearted movie with nothing called story, but rightly tagged as "A Venkat Prabhu holiday". Very late to say this, but, please don't go with any Saroja or Chennai 28 expectations and you will return satisfied. Sampath has acted very well. Jai's English dialogues were so hilarious that I can't stop laughing about it even now. Everybody were something different and nice, but Premji was so cliched and boring. Pia was so adorably cute and I've not stopped thinking about her as well. :P The song Idhu Varai was so romantic with Andrea's sexy voice. Cheers to the song!

My Name is Khan - I loved it, Screw the rest! :P
Brushing aside other reviews, I loved the movie. I never felt that SRK has over acted, which I thought otherwise before seeing the movie. The first half was a good mix of humor and emotions, but the second half was intense and in a good way. Kajol was not so cute as featured in the trailers. Well, she looked the age she has played. When the movie was in the making, I felt, its just gonna be some kind of drama crap, portraying SRK as the King Khan or something. The movie was nothing like that, but the title is still so apt. Leaving it there.

Striker - Fantastic Attempt
Siddarth has been my favorite since Ayitha Ezhuthu and I'm always interested when I hear his name in the cast. Rang De Basanti (the first Hindi movie I saw in the big screen) and Bommarilu (the only Telugu movie I've ever seen) were two movies I saw, only for Sid and Striker was the latest addition. It is a great attempt. There are obvious problems (not calling them flaws) in the screenplay and the language was difficult to follow. They could have definitely tried to come up with a better link between carrom board and communal riots. Claps to the song "Cham Cham" - simply wow! Its a soothing qawwali type number and the first time I heard it, I knew I had to change my caller tune.

Tamil Padam - ROFL
None other than Shiva could have filled in for the protagonist. The spoof suits him so very well. The side-kicks of Shiva have done their best to keep up and it has worked out pretty well. Every formula of Tamil movies have been targeted. I believe the director made a list of all the films he hated, wrote against them the reasons and the script of Tamil Padam was ready. However, a 2hr plus Lollu-Sabha is more than too much to take. Looking at it as individual scenes would make a lot of difference than looking at it as a movie. This is a movie for all those Peter people with this pickup line, "Taaaamil movies are crap!".

Naanayam - Something different?
Fascinated by the magnum opus in movies like Oceans series and Bank Job, many directors want to re-use those concepts in Kollywood and we have a winner here. A no-nonsense storyline, simple screenplay and at times irritating but credible cinematography. Prasanna (again, one of my favorites) plays security officer of a bank and scores as usual. Sibi was a bad choice, but I can see him grow as a villain in future. Let's wish him luck. I never expected SPB to play such a different role. What pained me was, when I was walking out, I heard a lady say to her husband, "I warned you that we should have seen Vettaikaran" - one reason why Kollywood directors never bother to attempt out of the way stuff.

1) Well, I've asked at least 10 people till now and none of them want to accompany me to see Avatar.
2) I'm looking forward to Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya, releasing this weekend.
3) I hope to setup my system again this weekend. Prayers requested! :(

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VJ said...

:) I wish I was there too.. Would join you for all the movies... including avatar. :(

$ph!nX said...

Will join u for a movie anytime bro.. And Avatar IS something u gotta watch with those freaky 3D thingy's on.. :D .. Come on over here... Its still running in Elgin Road Forum..

Chiju said...

Next time you in Chennai or any time me in B'lore.. we'll catch up some movie!!!
Its running here too.. but no company and I don't want to see alone!!! well.. nothing can beat the one we saw in mdu.. Va__nam A__ram! :P

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

dai.. to who does that anybodies who ae vetti point to X-( :P :P

Chiju said...

hahaha.. the disclaimer was put up for a purpose da... :P

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