Friday, February 26, 2010

Down the memory lane - I

I was driving a Unicorn by the Nehru Stadium. The last of the shops were shutting down, I was sure it was past 11PM. There was no haste, whatsoever. I let my thoughts play on their own and they were well in sync with the late night September Coimbatore weather - pleasant than ever. My mind breezed into the past couple of days. Well, I should say that is way better than rocketing into the future.

*Concentric Circles Revolving begins*
We have played Pictionary before. But, last night was so much more fun. Vijay, Vivek and his cousin on one team, and, Me, Vibushan and Vivek's sister the opponents, it was the best set of games we'd ever played. Vijay and Vivek were on their best entertaining spree with so many jokes. I had to force myself to sleep, unable to stop replaying the fun.

Today was nothing short. We had thrilling rounds of Counterstrike in the morning and afternoon. We got to chatting for a while and met Harini Maam at her place. Again, all of us laughed so much that I can't recall all the jokes; they were all in such quick succession. JP joined us late and we had our dinner at Alankar Grande. It all began over dinner, with this personality quiz that I asked Anandh. The quiz went like, I'd give them a word and they should tell what comes up to their mind and that relates to their priority in life. Coffee was one of the words and Anandh came up with "morning". Can you blame him??? Well, that's the specialty of out gang. Coffee actually mapped up to sex and the idea of Anandh, coffee, morning and sex was so hilarious that we were laughing so loudly and for a long time. There had to be an end to it and as per plan we headed to Race Course for a good night's walk.
*Concentric Circles Revolving begins*

I was driving along K.G.Theatre (now Big Cinemas), with Anandh behind. We were almost there. As my lips curved into a smile about the fun filled days, a Hunk zoomed past us and the guys on the bike were roaring with laughter. From the sounds, we could say it was JP and Vibushan, still laughing over Anandh's coffee joke. :P

Race course, our favorite spot for relaxed but chatterbox walks, was nothing less that night. Deepak joined us at Race Course and we completed the round slow by time and fast by realization. We clicked many photos of TR style, Sam Anderson style (again, food for Vibu and JP's laughter - they were on a roll that night) and so on. Past midnight, we left race course and headed straight to my place. We played cards for a while, and my system playin all our favorite tunes. After cards, Vivek and Vijay wanted to call it a day, while, Vibushan, JP, Deepak, Anandh and me settled in the portico for a long chat.

It was past 4AM. We had to sleep. We arranged mats and bedspreads in the hall and lay down to sleep. The small leftover talks were fading away. Talking to murmuring to whispering to silence and we were stay put. It was like that for a while and my mind again wandered to take in one of the biggest changes about to happen in my life. I had to shift to Madurai the next day. A big load of packing and shifting work awaited me in the morning. All this hanging out had come to an end. Four years of college had taught me to understand, mingle, and love. The last lesson, probably, the toughest of all, to separate had to be learnt. My heart sank deep and I knew I had to cry, in fact I was almost there. Suddenly, a roaring sound diverted my thoughts.

JP and Vibushan were still in form, laughing at Anandh for his coffee joke, adding a TR interview joke here and there. In fact the entire personality quiz of Anandh was so hilarious and I'm sure he knows that too. :) :)

24th September 2008
Those were the best days of my life.

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Navneeth R said...

Wow ... I mean ... No words da ... Really .... I imagined in your postion ... and I could feel some water near the corner of my eyes ... I know what u must have felt when u wrote it ...

Chiju said...

:) :)
We've both been there and I know you can easily relate to it!!!!

Vivek said...


Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

:( dei.. i'm thankful that atleast the memories remain.. :( seriously.. nice post.

Chiju said...

:) :)


nice post which reminds of the funnny things and activites which took place in the past. I'm really stunned with your memory power. u always rock chiju

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