Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day special

For a change, this post is not about my Coimbatore trip. I'm writing it from there though. :P Too many tags for this one though! :)

"I don't believe in the concept of a day dedicated to love", Goutham Menon, said in an interview today.

One part of me thought, "Very true!!!". If so, why did I argue with Sphinx who told me the same thing, a couple of days back?

The other part repeated, "If we brush aside Valentine's day like that, what about birthdays? As if we are dedicating only one day for our birth in this world and behave like inferis the rest of the time."

Later, I saw a Google Buzz (the latest time-whiling introduction or replication by google) of the great blogger Mr. Occam. He was wondering that Feb 14th actually depicts the murder of a priest and why would one want to celebrate it. Again, valid point, but soon, I read a reply buzz that it is not his murder that lovers are celebrating, but his beliefs.

I somehow looked forward to this Valentine's day, because, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya, a movie I have been yearning to see (more yearning t hear actually) was supposed to release, day before yesterday. However, it did not and that was the first of the disappointments this weekend.

Last year, this day was more of a hype because of threats that lovers seen celebrating Valentine's day would be compelled to celebrate their first wedding day or rakhi today. This year, I believe all the threats to My Name is Khan eclipsed Valentine's day. Let's leave it at that.

Still, we all live in a democrazy people. So, here's a Happy Valentines day to

1) People celebrating their Thala (not Ajith) Valentine's day (I mean with whomever they are seeing right now).
2) All the other lovers in this world.

To all the broken hearts, you were at least so close. Its probably for the best. Your day is on its way. Keep going!!! :)

1) Prayers to all the martyrs who lost their lives in Coimbatore 12 years ago, for no mistake of theirs. The day and its visuals are still afresh in everyone's mind, I bet. God bless their families.
2) @Google: Personally, I feel Buzz is a great idea. That's for the record, ok? All my readers are witnesses.
Sorry for the spelling mistake, I noticed it late. I know how democrazy is spelled. Sorry, democrazy. Oh Shit! Again. Well, Democrazy, is it???
4) @People of Mumbai: Cheers! Once more you proved that you are one of the bravest set of Indians. Well, a small example that a little of democracy is still alive. Aaha!!! Got it right this time.

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