Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Abnormality, All the Attention and Back to Square ONE

Warning: Big post, Little Content! (matter wise and satisfaction wise) :P

Monday, 18th January 2010

I woke up, as usual, cursing myself about missing the gym yet again. The usual routine followed: consoling myself while brushing my teeth, "Tomorrow I'll make it".
I realized that I have to shave and it followed. While the razor was doing its job almost around the right ear, it hurt and as a reflex I touched it.
"Heat Boils? Pimples?", my mind scanned the various options, as my fingers felt the small, round patch of many minute boils.
I got to work and the busy schedule kept me from even thinking about what I saw in the morning. The day went by. Except for applying some nivea in the evening, I did not make a big deal about my face.

Tuesday, 19th January 2010

I met Sphinx, who had missed the morning flight from Chennai and blessed us with his "darshan". When I removed my helmet after picking him up for lunch, "What the hell is that on your face?" was his reaction.
Back in office, I waved to Ananth and asked his suggestion on meeting a skin specialist in Chennai. However, the thought of seeing a doctor in Chennai was uncomfortable because the month has already been quite expensive and I didn't have money to crap.
Finally, in the evening, during a meeting, I decided I'll leave to Cbe that night to meet my doctor because a bump on that side of my head started to hurt, Bad.

Wednesday, 20th January 2010

I was sitting at Dr. Prakash's clinic, going through the flyers put up about the off-shop (a shop to buy and sell your stuff), a venture he has recently started, in the basement of his clinic. When the token machine said, "Token No. 3", I went in.
There he was, as always, clean, grand, classy and like a King! I showed that added bit of charm on my face, for which I had been running a lot of what-it-could-have-been since Monday.
As if you saw a cat and say "
Its a cat"; he said, "Herpes". Apparently, it is not as kinky as it sounds, it is sort of a great grand daughter of chicken pox, that comes to take revenge, for, our body defeated its ancestors.
I learned that it would try its best for 7-10 days by which, it should vote to succumb to the greater good - medication. He prescribed a couple of tablets and a pain killer and I went back home deciding to return to Chennai the same night.
Dad was unhappy though. He started by suggesting, "Why don't you be here till Sunday and rest?". I dismissed that idea and stayed put on returning the same night. By afternoon, my dad succeeded in convincing me that staying for one more day wouldn't hurt.
However, that ruled out my planned weekend visit to Bangalore and I made a mental note to cancel the train tickets I had booked.
Later that evening, my sister was threatening me that she would give me other marks on my face to remember, if I did not buy a rice cooker (so that I could at least cook curd rice at home). I asked her to cancel my tickets to Bangalore.

Thursday, 21st January 2010

I woke up a bit later than usual and after a really long time, someone came to me and gave me my morning FILTER coffee, hot and tasty with all the aroma and the layer of foam on the top. I was so excited by it - I didn't see the days of great attention coming.
By the time, I finished my coffee, breakfast came by. After breakfast, I got ready and came out dressed, when dad handed me a glass of buttermilk. I immediately made my decision, "Daddy! I'll leave on Sunday only. Let's book the tickets."
So, after booking my tickets to Chennai, and looking up 0n a couple of places to get invitation cards printed, we reached my aunt's place for lunch.
Once I reached, she checked on my scars, which were in their peak. It felt so great that my aunt had banned any oily stuff and spice (including pickles) for anyone in the house just because I shouldn't have oil or spice. It's simply amazing to get all that attention.
Later that evening, I sat down with my aunt, charting out the invites list for the double wedding in April.

Friday, 22nd January 2010

By today, word had been spread, so, other than the occasional inquiry of my well being, my mobile was lazy, the whole time.
Watermelon, oranges, buttermilk and tender coconut water were those that came in search of me, at regular intervals. I kept resting till evening re-reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".
We did a bit of where-to-shop-for-the-weddings research in the evening and came back home, when I had to answer a couple of calls from people who thought I'd be catching a train to Bangalore by then.

Saturday, 23rd January 2010

I went for another checkup to Dr.Prakash. He certified that I was absolutely fine to take off to Chennai and casually told that one of those scars would leave a permanent mark.
We came back home, to another day with oranges, watermelons, butter milk and some attention (not as strong as the last couple of days).
I knew the attention was still there, when, I was about to wash my plate after lunch and Dad told me to leave it for him to wash. If it was a Tamil soap, I would have kept the plate, wiped a single tear running down from my eye and moved on. :P

Sunday, 24th January 2010

I woke up in the morning and as I was brushing my teeth, Dad asked if he should make coffee and I said yes. After coffee, when I mentioned breakfast, he said, "No breakfast today", casually checking on my scars. "Attention fading?", I thought.
I went to Ramesh mess and got aapam for both of us. Another day just went by. Lunch at aunt's house. Asianet showed Ravanaprabhu movie in the evening and I was lucky enough to catch one of my favorite songs in the movie before I left to catch my bus.
As I was speeding back to Chennai, my mind went back, over all the attention I enjoyed for the past 5 days. It was so cool to have been the center of attraction (though I'd love for the reason to have been I've made a scientific discovery).
I don't think I enjoyed that feeling for a long time enough, as I fell asleep soon. That's ok. I'll have that feeling for the next few days!

Monday, 25th January 2010

I rang the bell to my matchbox apartment. My sleepy roommate opened the door for me and went back to his bed.
I entered the house to a pile of clothes on the chair in the hall, a stinky kitchen with vessels used for the past 5 days still in the sink, a mess all around, lots and lots of mosquitoes and a great deal of cleaning up to do. Well, That's back to square one!

1) My scars are ok now. So, the system is up and running! I have a permanent mark though, let see if it works as a charm for whatever!
2) My Indiblogger rank went up from 63 to 71 last week. :)
3) I don't think I'd be able to make it to Bangalore as of now! :(
4) Apologies for this long post, full of crap! I enjoyed writing it though! Nice flashback! :) :) :)

9 Expressions:

Vivek said...

u missed the part where we'd said we'd meet u but din turn up :D

Chiju said...

Well, to talk about that story, who thought that this was contagious? I keep forgetting that part! :P

Janith said...

hey that explains the pic .. u are showing just one side of ur face ... totally ingenious man.....

Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

I enjoyed reading this as much as u did while writing. I loved the coffee part....I always enjoyed such attention when I come to cbe on vacation....probably u r visiting cbe to often!!!

VJ said...

@author of blog: Enna mention pannu... eppadiyaavudhu... enaku ore ignore effect aa iruku :( :P

I liked this post pa...incidentally i took some scary pics of those boils on my face (i dont have herpes.. maybe itll be hispes when it affects girls)

Enna comedy... Appove purinjirukanum yen blr varalai nu. But aanaa nee Stuffed tomatoes, potato + carrot + tomato +onion + ginger brilliant curry miss pannite
along with paalak curry
aaloo paratha

Maybe next time...

And I agree with your sisters comment here... Nandu also comes home rarely because only then amma treats him like a king. when he feels attention has decreased, he books his tickets again and doesnt return for 3 months :P ALl older siblings same concept.

Vivek said...



Chiju said...

Don't let that genius in you out so public man! ppl are gonna come behind you and flock your house! :P
well... i don't get this attention always!!! secret ippo thaan understanding! :)
LOL @ Hispes!!!
:( @ all the food i missed!
we gotta learn a lot from our older siblings @ the intention behind the attention!
pics of the boils??? avalo photographic sense eppo vandhudhu??

$ph!nX said...

Great writing da.. The center of attention is the status bestowed upon us when
1) We're sick
2) Visiting home after a looong time..
When both these conditions occur concurrently, then parental affection becomes exponential :P

However, coming back is the worst experience da.. :( I felt the exact same way 2 weeks back :( But then, what goes up...comes down...One way or the other..

@Vasu: Hispis !!!! ROFL... HOW dooo you do it??? Scary Imagination!!

Chiju said...

your hispes has made this post a hotspot! thanks for that! :P

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