Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Dog, Me and My work

It was a fine evening. I was just back to my desk after a small discussion. Unusually, Ananth pinged asking if we wanted to go to the cafeteria. Either he was so hungry or he has started taking gym seriously again, that, he doesn't want to go there on an empty stomach. (Dude, if you are reading and smiling, welcome). Swetha and myself went to his cubicle; he suggested we go to the tea shop downstairs, which actually made me happy because the cafeteria is sadly getting tasteless by the day.

The elevator opened out to the ground floor and we walked outside the building. Nithya and Reshu were sitting by the lawn. We greeted them and headed to the shop, which is a hand cart type and closed in a way to form a counter. Ananth had mentioned that they were here and, we thought, perhaps, waiting for Janith and Nithin to bring something. I could see Janith devouring on a bajji look alike and Nithin searching for something in the big plate of Bajjis, Bondas, Samosas and other unhealthy but damn tasty stuff ("snacks"). I was surprised to see Molaga bajji and pulled it out of Janith's hand - natural instinct! Soon, Reshu and Nithya realized that our presence rules out food reaching them and were sensible enough to join us in the tea shop.

The big plate of all the snacks was being emptied rapidly, one item at a time. The molaga bajjis were too good. As we were relishing the snacks, a stray dog, kept circling around us, wagging his tail, with its tongue almost fully out. I'm sure that if he could speak, he would have definitely asked us to share whatever possible. At first, we neglected him, though I felt a small pinch of guilt and I noticed it on others' faces as well. Nithya went all "Awwww" like.

Recently, I learnt from someone that we shouldn't serve salt to dogs (most likely false, I believe) and I looked into the shop to see if there was anything to give him. The buns attracted attention and I pulled out one (natural instinct, again, :P) and put it near the dog.

He went near the bun and smelled it. As you can guess, and only to make me feel humiliated (I KNEW IT), he discarded the bun and kept looking at us. Yes, there was heavy laughter following that. I even noticed a couple of people other than us, laughing. I was so pissed that he insulted me and my bun, so, I looked away and the others just neglected him. He kept staring at us for a while, then went back to the bun and smelled it again, as if giving due consideration. This repeated a couple of times and finally, he started eating the bun. Well, had no choice.

Having eaten the bun, he came back to us and continued looking. Well, for an arrogant dog that rejected food, he had a nice appetite and relatively less self control. Reshu tried to shoo it away, we moved a bit and nothing was good enough for it to leave.

It was looking away from me and in an attempt to crack a PJ, I said, "Well, I'll get you one more bun, only if you would come to my desk and run that script assigned to me".

Instantly, it just turned its head towards me, shrugged slightly and walked away.

Realizations are indeed unbearable! :(

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Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

I knew dogs have gr8 sniffing power...Didn't know it could be to this extent

Charan said...

Kadaiseela sonna paathiya, adhu daan ur serious intention. You were lookin 4 someone to take ur bait to make t script run at ur cubicle. Aana oru naaya kekara alavukku pozhappu aiducha nu bodhu daan unna nenacha konjam paavamaa irukku. N probably the dog knew its better to spit out the bun than do tht it quit the place I guess.

Chiju said...

I guess.. it used to do wat we do in its previous birth!
Ejjactly! But.. Don't let out the company secrets! :P

Navneeth R said...

So , What is your conclusion exactly from this post .. From what I read, namma nai polupu pannitu irukkom ippo ... Are you coming to that ?

$ph!nX said...

@Navneeth... No da....He means we are doing something even a 'naai' wont do ;)

Divya Arikere said...

Hahahahaha :) I like the dog's reaction when u tried bribing it :P

Navneeth R said...

@ Sphinx
Ha ha ...

Chiju said...

well.. kinda yeah! Sphinx got it right! :P but.. i liked the fact that u added the namma and included yourself! :P
Nice interpretation!
Well, there are many people out there in this world who are ready to screw me up like that! :( :P

$ph!nX said...

Chiju!!! I was including myself in that category as well !! :D

Chiju said...

I knew! You are well the president of that club! :P

VJ said...

Enavo pa... andha naaiki kooda arivu iruku... naan ennavo enaku vela thara maatala nu wait pannindu iruken.. the dog has more brains.. it knows true happiness lies outside in the streets... begging nice strangers for food... with a puppy dog expression... sleeping under trees, listening to the leaves rustle.. food when you need it.. the worlds the loo... the people are your muse... you can go anywhere you want.. fight with whichever dog.. bite em.. no laws... have babies and forget about em soon...

AAAAHHH!!! whadaaaa life!!!!!

Chiju said...

thats why they call it naai polappu! (Dog Life).. :)
another comment that i gave u offline stays put! :P

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