Saturday, November 21, 2009

You know.. You know.. You know..

Its been a while now. Everyday while driving to office or back home, when am stuck with some issue in office, or whenever I have the enthu but not the resources, I've been making mental notes to write about lots of stuff, but after I get home do nothing other than watch a couple of episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and crash.

List of posts this is a compensation for:

1) Swathi's Engagement - Went great! Working on putting the videos and photos together to make a compilation.

2) Being stranded in the middle of the highway because of bus breakdown - Let me not get started.

3) Hangover Monday (because of No. 2) - People in office (at least with those I interacted that day) would have thought so. I tried to keep a low profile. Trust me! :P

4) Sp@rrow's B'day - I wanted to write about the time we flung him into the swimming pool. TWICE!!! Anyways, Thanks to No. 3, I couldn't. Happy B'day Vivek! (Imagine today is Monday DUDE).

5) Turn-over Tuesday - Lots of things "turned" over and I realized its gonna be difficult to meet my deadline on Friday. I can boldly say I wasn't responsible for 99% of those. But, noone cares about that. I'm sportive enough! A new learning added to my repository.

6) Weak Wednesday - All hazards from No. 5 taken care of (thanks to my Feature Lead and lots of other colleagues) . But, I was weak and down from cold and it took some time to catch up.

7) Timing Thursday - Everything was shaped to what was planned. Of course, I did a lot of cut backs in gtalk chatting. And somehow and kept to my deadline. Not only that, as promised I went with Deepak and TK (Classmates) to dinner for TK's Birthday. I just wish all those people whose B'days I wanna celebrate, lived in Chennai. But those idiots are spread in B'lore, Calcutta, Cbe, Kuwait, and lots of other places. Can't blame them. I lived in Madurai once upon a time.

8) Frightening Friday - All the timing sense in No. 7 did not count, because ME and my feature lead missed out our Manager in the CC list of the merge request which marks the end of the completion. Well, I know "Oops!" Also, I had to face a stupid issue for which I'm dedicating a separate post.

9) All is well - Finally, as in Indian movies, ALL IS WELL! I hope I don't write a revert post for this on Monday (or make a mental note of it)! We decide to catch a movie (long time since we had a colleagues outing) on Saturday and booked tickets to "A Christmas Carol".

10) Rainy Chennai and Sunny Chennai - People who live in Chennai would rather appreciate Sunny Chennai because rains in Chennai are nasty. Its not rains. Today I was driving down Anna Salai and it started raining. I looked up and I felt a writer's dream come true: "It was a rainy day. Drops of rain poured out of the blue sky". As fast my t-shirt was getting wet, faster was the drying process. Finally, I reached Sathyam Cinemas and found out that the front side of my t-shirt was wet and the back side was not dry; IT WAS BURNING! Weird weather!

9) A Christmas Carol - OH MY GOD! People have such a talent of spoiling a classic. Mr. Dickens, please haunt the writer, director of the movie and if possible Jim Carrey too. However, the 3-D effects were good.

10) Ampa Skywalk - The new mall in Chennai is another version of City Center. Its nothing great. Have to check it out once the 8 screens of cinema and the actual Skywalk is open to the public. I guess its just one other place to hang out and spend money!

PS: Indi Blogger finally approved my blog and gave it a ranking of 63. Thanks to them!

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VJ said...

hehe. idiot in blr says "come here no. please!!"

you are so funny macha :P
You were wet one side and burning on the other. you sure the rain is the reason for that ???


pipilika raja!

New name for thee

$ph!nX said...

Dude..point number 7.. couldnt agree with you more bro ;(... But then, that makes meeting you all a million times more enjoyable.. Lets not think about the leaving part.

And u forgot to CC ur manager!!!?!?! LOL.. One more thing.. You must also keep in mind the order of addresses in the CC list.. :D :P

I just wish i could Apparate.. there are a few places i want to be in sometimes.........

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

dude :) your Indi blogger rank is a good rank :) the greater the number the better :)

Chiju said...

thanks for the name... There is a movie called Pazhassi Raja.. he is a freedom fighter king.. let ppl think chiju in those lines.. but be ssshhhh about the meaning ok! :P
When you fly down home and go back only, it happens so fast that it can be called apparation..

Chiju said...

Is it so??? i read its an automated process and it should not be counted upon actually!!! :P

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