Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Seven years later

Seven years later.
Millions of seconds ticked away,
Should have been any other day.
But, my world had a great sway.

Seven years later.
Never did a thought ring,
You never told a thing.
This sad song - I'll forever sing.

Seven years later.
Many of the zillion things you told,
"Too early", I wondered.
Time is what you never had -
Much later, I understood

Seven years later.
Always, made you feel bad,
Yet, beside me you stood.
Once I made you proud -
Were you too satisfied?

Seven years later.
However lost I was,
Never had to look for the way.
You had me find your hand - end of the day.

Seven years later.
Made me look at the Gods everyday.
I carry the habit even today,
Pains though, to look at you and pray!

Seven years later.
Never did you let anyone serve.
Would have only been fair,
Had we a chance to fight.

Seven years later.
The many times I've walked the streets,
Unhappy and in despair.
Someone known to you, I meet,
Believe, you sent them to repair.

Seven years later.
I thought you were selfish.
Never realized I was foolish,
Until I saw what you had left behind.

Dedicated to my Mom who left to some other world, seven years back, the same day! (July 2nd 2002). Today is my Mother's day! Miss you Ma!

1) I'm attempting poetry for the first time. Poets and poetry lovers, forgive me for bull-shitting the style. More than anything, the content mattered to me.
2) Its good to be emotional once in a while, shows you are still alive inside.

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$ph!nX said...

Chiju, Splendid da.. Very well written. And definitely touching.

And yes, It does show how alive you really are.....


VJ said...

I figured it was about your mom before I read the last line.

Chij! Well done!

And yeah, I bet she IS proud :)

Loved it! Brought tears to my eyes :)

VJ said...

I always thought poets had their own style. There is no set style.

You aren't bull-shitting. And I've not read something this touching in a while.

Just so you know.

gvn said...

Chiju... loved this the was very touching.. =)

Chiju said...


well.. :)

vizhigal_snk said...

Chiju.. very gud one da.. was really touchin...

Chiju said...


Harini Padmanabhan said...

Hey! Really touching and beautiful.

Vivek said...


Chiju said...

Welcome to my blog! Keep Visiting!


Bhuvana said...

Chiju..really superb!!
Din expect that u'l ve a great POET inside u:-)keep it up.....

Chiju said...

Great to hear that from a poet! :)

krish23 said...

superbly written da ,

Chiju said...

thanks man!

Aysh_Ram said...

superb!!! brought tears to my eyes... and made me a bit emotional.

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