Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coffeeless Coffee or No Coffee

I'm a big fat coffee lover. Since when I was like dropping the glass given to me (one because of the hot coffee, two I'd be in half-sleep and three my hands were too small to hold the glass), mornings without coffee would lead to a day without enthusiasm. Now, psychologists don't think too much, I'm talking about drinking coffee. :)

However, in the recent past, I've learnt to live without it. When I moved to Chennai, I did not have gas connection at my place for sometime because of regulator-leak problem. Though it was difficult, I started to have coffee first thing in the morning, at office. After a week, I couldn't bear the vending machine coffee and I promised myself not to touch that coffee ever again in my life.

Two weeks back, I set the gas connection right. And my dad was here for the past 15 days, which meant Coffee daily morning. The routine started to fall in place.

I should have mentioned this earlier, but this is not too late (Oh God, I've been using this statement a lot recently). When I tell you coffee, it is agmark, home-made, without chicory, 100% fresh, iyer aathu filter coffee: the "Besh Besh.. Romba Nanna Irukku" type and you can picturise me as the guy who says it in the ad. :)

There is a baker/confectioner shop nearby the place I make and drink coffee (my house). The guy would grind the beans as and when we ask for coffee powder. And I made the decision to buy little quantity daily, instead of getting in bulk amount. The reason was that I could drink fresh coffee everyday.

Last night I had to drop-off my dad at ABT travels as he was leaving to Coimbatore. He had not bought milk on purpose. He always believes I'd forget to turn off the gas cylinder after using it, which I do at times (can't blame him). He told me, "Why don't you drink at office, instead of buying half litre milk just for the sake of one person?". I argued telling, "I'd not waste it. I'll make curd out of it". On my way back home, I bought milk; put it in the refridgerator as soon as I came home.

Morning came. My cousin (and room-mate, who doesn't drink coffee) had let the servant in. When I woke up, she was working. So, I dozed off again. "Close the door" (ya.. in tamil) were the words that woke me up. She was leaving. I closed the door and crashed back on the bed. Suddenly, it struck me. "COFFEEEEEEEEE".

I jumped out of bed, went straight to the kitchen and emptied the contents of milk into the milk-cooker. It was boiling as I brushed my teeth, came back and filled water in all the empty bottles. When the cooker screeched to the limit where my tympanum actually came out and knocked me on the head, I turned off the stove and then the gas, immediately.

I took out two glasses, placed them near the stove. Now, I was thinking, there is something else more than milk and glasses for coffee. "COFFEE DECOCTION".

Hell to my idea of "daily fresh coffee", I had completely forgotten about the daily-buy-coffee-powder. I checked the fridge. No coffee powder. And I hate to drink milk (hate the smell). :(

So, here I'm sitting and telling this to all of you. The milk cooker is still cooling down, where it was heated in first place, the glasses are left intact where I had placed them, only thing: No coffee for me today! And I bet you, I'll not remember to buy coffee powder this evening either.

Even tomorrow, I should either have no coffee or coffeeless coffee (MILK).

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stari said...


good one...
i have tea or health drink just to freshen up...
never tasted coffee .. i dont like it

Chiju said...

thanks for visiting...
taste coffee once a while.. u mite like it..

Raghul said...

hi da..just two things i hate.. one is coffe and another is tea. :) i might drink coffee or tea.. only if some one so special insist me to :) anyway..nice post da..

Chiju said...

:) thanks man

gvn said...

haha nice one chiju.. hope u will get a good coffee every morning =)

Chiju said...

Thanks for the wishes.. :)

sheetal said...

:) :) i hope atleast now u will buy coffee powder n keep...

Chiju said...

I had that in my mind when i was driving home... am at home now and the coffee powder in the shop.. :)

VJ said...


Hows the milk? Spoilt? You can keep Chocolate you know at home! You can drink THAT atleast. I love hot chocolate~

Chiju said...

good idea.. can implement it.. :)

$ph!nX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
$ph!nX said...

With our very "comfy,laidback" work lives, I wouldnt be surprised if this is the first of many Coffeeless Coffees :P

A better idea would be to get a kilo packa Green Label Filter coffee.. Mr.Besh Besh :)

Chiju said...

500gms coffee powder sitting in a jar in my kitchen.. since i'm the only person who drinks coffee in this house.. that would do i guess..

and hey.. hope your coffee mug doing is doing fine... :P

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