Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One girl! Once Again!

She looked beautiful. I was looking down straight into her eyes, which were closed. She was sleeping. Her head straight, arms on both sides of her body, legs folded a bit, a expression on her face, I bet anyone could keep looking at her forever.

However, I was on the look out for her to wake up anytime. It would probably kill the pleasure of watching her. I was not sure if she would like being watched.

For a moment, I thought I must sit back and let her see something better in case she opened her eyes. On a positive note, I checked my face in the mirror and realized it was not going to be that bad a first sight when she opens her eyes.

As all these thoughts were running around in my mind, I came back to looking at her peaceful face. Ya, I got the word right this time. Amidst all the recession, tension and bad news her face projected a calm, trouble free attitude.

My friend had tipped me about this before hand. However he told me that she did not wake up for a long time, by when he had to leave. So, I too thought she was not going to wake up.

I've always had trouble understanding a girl's mind and it proved once again. She woke up instantly.

I was taken by surprise but the way she woke up was very cute. I just smiled at her. I wanted to do nothing but give her a pleasant 'Hi' kinda expression.

Maybe it was too much for her to take. She started crying immediately. It took her mother (my friend's sister) to come running from the hall and take her in her arms to stop the crying.

As Chandler says, "That was the youngest girl ever (one month old) to have rejected me".

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Vivek said...

AWWWW! SO Chweeet!

Divya A said...

Maybe it was too much for her to take.
Hahahaha :) True , very true !

Chiju said...



sheetal said...

thank god her mom was around to calm her down.... ;) :P

Chiju said...

Imagine if she wasn't there.. I would have tried to calm her down!

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