Friday, April 17, 2009

Kitchen Chemistry

My uncle always refers cooking as "Kitchen Chemistry". Many would accept that its an art and there is no way to learn it properly other than to cook and experiment by yourself. I've come across many kitchen experiments that my mom used to conduct with idlis. I hated idlis and it demanded lots of creativity to give them to me in an acceptable format like garnished with chilly powder and nuts in a fried format. One of the genius blogger friends I have here, had once written about R&D in the Mummy Labs .

If you had gone into that link I know its a bit difficult to come back here. Still, come back and read the rest.

Breakfast is not a big deal in my house, especially the weekends. I get up only by noon and that is because I go to sleep only in the morning. Today was an unusual saturday where I woke up by 9AM. I came online which I do each and everyday I don't have a schedule (only 365 days a year). I was happily sipping my filter coffee (you know what coffee represents in psychology). One friend with whom I was chatting asked me if I wanted dosa because she was eating it there. When I cracked a PJ to send it as an attachment, she did send a picture of 3 dosas in a plate for which she had spent sometime to google in between her breakfast.

Then I decided that I've got to have some breakfast (the dosas were tempting). I was too lazy to go out and get some parcel. I asked my dad if there was anything useful in the kitchen with which i could make some breakfast. I learnt that there was only some Instant Rava Upma mix. The thought of Upma made me go "NEVER!!". When I almost decided that I'll better not eat anything, a thought strcuk my mind (Bulb Glows you know! TINGGGggggg!!!!). In another five minutes I was all set in the kitchen to make some breakfast for me.

Ingredients for Sriraj's Special Upma Dosa:
(serves 2 people)
  1. 1 Packet of Instant Upma Mix (I used MTR. I don't think the brand matters)
  2. 1 Kuzhi Karandi (a big spoon) Wheat flour
  3. 3/4th cup of water
  4. Salt as per requirement
How to Prepare?
  1. Mix all the ingredients (don't care about the order).
  2. Stir until you can see what seems to be batter or upma mixed with water.
  3. Prepare the tava and make the dosa in the usual way.
Once the above method is followed with the proper ingredients you will have something that you are not sure whether to risk trying. Believe me. It tasted awesome. The advantage is that I had Upma, (Rava + Wheat) Dosa, Adai (a Kerala based tiffin). My dad tasted it and complemented my quest for research.

PS: Please don't make this kind of Dosa unless you have the ingredients by chance and you are hungry. If you go in search of these ingredients to make this dosa, people may start judging you in a crazy way.

Also, I wanted to put some pics. But, couldn't take any due to unavailability of camera.

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Vivek said...

After eating this did your tongue also go TNGGGG!?
Make it again and add pics!

Chiju said...

As I told ya.. we'll see when I get a chance to make My special upma dosa... :)

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Rava Upma Mix - rs.35,
Dosa Batter - rs.12,
Both mixed and made as one - Clueless!!
For every other alternative, there's always a restaurant nearby :D
:D :D :D

Vivek said...

@ Vibu

The sombheri-ness level in traveling to a restaurant only brings out this new potential in us!

Vivek said...

Rava Upma Mix - rs.35,
Dosa Batter - rs.12,
Both mixed and made as one - 35+12!

Only taste is clueless!

Chiju said...

@Vivek & vibu
The Rs.12 of the batter does not come into picture because we are making batter from the mix.. :)
For doubts ask the chef.. :)

Divya A said...

Hey Mr. Chef Just in case u don't like things at Alcatel, you know wat you are capable of doing ;)

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