Monday, April 06, 2009

And there goes...

I was walking down a Nth Main Road, in an X Nagar in Bangalore. The weather was pretty good (No Wonder). I was wearing a gray full hand shirt, tucked into pitch black cotton trousers. My hands and legs were still trembling, heart beat was atleast twice tha normal, sweat flowing from the side of my heads to my chin. This was not how I imagined it would be. I never expected it.

My ears buzzed with many many sounds - Car/Vehicle horns, Sound of the lady who spoke to me last and a bee was definitely playing bugle directly into my tympanum. I could not realize if I was deaf or blind until a bike sped past me missing me just by a strand of hair. I came back to normal. I was still walking and it definitely was not a dream. All mixed emotions were flowing in my head.

I started sweating badly. Without much knowledge of what I was doing, I held out my right hand and stopped an auto. He looked at me and came to a halt in front of me. My mouth just said something close to "Majestic, Hotel Kaveri, Meter Charge".

Back to astounded state again!

I was sitting in a moving auto. This time I was more aware of what was going on. My head was definitely heavy (is this what they call Head Weight?). I felt the back of my head and two small lobes were protruding out. Nothing to worry. They bulge everytime I'm anxious.

As a voluntary action of just remembering something, I pulled the new Motorola mobile out of my pocket. I speed dialled number 2. After 3-4 seconds it made a small beep and showed "Call Failed". I tried to do the same a couple of times but I got the same response. I checked on my head lobes again and went back to the phone; I speed dialled 2 once more. This time it connected. However, all i could hear was a lady speaking in Kannada and then followed an English message which claimed that the number I was calling did not exist. I realized that it was a Tamil Nadu number and I needed to add number 0 or +91 in the start for the call to connect because I was on roaming. I did the needy and soon the phone rang. After about 5 rings, a deep base voice answered, "Hello".

I said, "Daddy! I got the job!"

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Vivek said...

Heh heh heh
Congratulations are due!
(A treat too. Ahem.)

Anonymous said...
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Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

hey man! Congrats!! awesome :D

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