Friday, July 17, 2009

Abhiyum Naanum - A must watch

NB: This is not a review. It is just an experience shared.

Eight months after this movie released, finally I got a chance to see this movie. I had once seen it back in Madurai. In a Rs. 20/= DVD with a lot of "Clip-Clop" sounds in between. Also, I was dealing with a stupid problem that day, I had to walk away from the computer at least 6 times in between.

"Abhiyum Naanum", from Duet Movies. Right from the time I heard about this movie, I was longing for it. I kept on checking the websites for news about its release. Especially after Mozhi, who would not want to see another one from the same team.

Talking about the acting, needless to say Prakashraj has taken the burden of the entire movie with the support of Radhamohan's screenplay. Basically, "Abhi.." is a movie about a father who finds it hard to let go off his daughter, the situations he is put through and how he handles the same. I believe there is an English movie starring Steve Marting in the same lines, not sure about the name though.

This movie is a must-watch for everyone who is in some relationship or other. The primary reason being, everyone will find something or the other to relate to. A dad, a mom, a daughter, a wife, a lover, a servant, a friend and the list goes on. The mind blowing aspect that attracted me so much is that the movie is so real in what it is conveying.

Everybody mess up big time in their relationships (no matter what the relationship is). A dad says the most unexpected things to his children. A daughter cuts you out with harsh words. A wife behaves as if it is not a big deal when you feel the world is falling down. One day, we'll realize that it was perhaps the words they used and not the meaning they wanted to convey.

Though I couldn't direclty relate to the character on screen, I could grab instances of my past, present and future (expected) then and there.

Those who have seen this movie, I'm sure you'd appreciate the movie in one way or the other. Those who have not seen the movie, don't miss it. The best time to see it is now. Who knows? You may find the answers to a lot of questions running in your mind.

I certainly did. When Prakashraj says, "Life is Beautiful", in the end, one does feel that, the exact same words were what they kept looking for all the way through the movie. Some find them. Some keep looking until he says it himself.

Hats off Radhamohan. Hats off Prakashraj! Can't wait to see the next marvel.

PS: Guys and gals who can't understand why your parents behave a bit different from what you expect them to, please watch this movie and you'll get to know what you wanted to. The tagline says it all.

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reshu said...

Now that u hv recommended d movie wid all u had...i think i must watch it..btw..wat does d tagline mean??

Chiju said...

The tagline goes like this "Children grow up. Sometimes parents must grow too"..

Just specifies that the children grow up, but the some parents stop growing up once they have children.. this comes as a dialogue in the movie..

Divya A said...

The English movie is Father of the Bride . It has 2 parts. A must watch :)

gvn said...

I've watched this in telugu chiju !! loved it =)

Chiju said...

Ya.. found out the name after writing the post.. got the movies also.. :)
hmmm.. prakashraj is key!

vk said...

Prakashraj..another great performance from him :) lifted the movie..i liked the movie too..a very decent one..but i found a few scenes a bit melodramatic..the pathos lil bit dragging...but good movie nevertheless :)

watch Father of the Bride na..the film has got some great moments :)

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