Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodie Foodie

Food has never been a problem. My mom used to make everything from Kozha Puttu to Dhokalas, a mix-and-match of everything. My dad is another great cook! His Pav Bhaaji, Palak Panner and Lagada-Paatis taste awesome.

Once my mom told me, "When I was carrying you, I used to pray that at least, unlike your sister you shouldn't give problems to eat food". And later she also told that, "She repented praying for that".

There is a saying that "Food is the best medicine". It is really true. Choosing the proper place and proper food at the proper time is important. Touch-wood (touching my head now), I'm immune to all kinds of what you call EATABLE. Be it royal food, annapoorna (a famous chain in Cbe like saravana bhavan in Chennai), small mess food, road-side Thattu Kadais (my sister is gonna get all squeaky by now) and the list goes on, I can just eat and my stomach never makes a big fuss about it except that it gets a bit bigger everytime :(.

Especially during the good (not yet) old college days, Vibushan, Vivek, Vijay and me have hit quite a lot of places. Just say, there isn't a single foodlet in Cbe where we have not paid. The waiters at Peking, Rich Food, Akka Kadai (the one in colony), Food Joint(or Point I forgot), Village etc must be wondering the sudden disappaerance (since last September) of their favourite customers (when it comes to the bill :D).

Two days back (Friday), I hit the bessy (Besant Nagar Beach) with my dad, sister and my cousin/roommate. After that, we decided to eat at the all famous "Muguran Idli Shop". Though the origin of this one is from Madurai (I've been there and it is great), the one is Chennai is too well known. We just wanted to see what's the big deal.

As soon as we got a table to sit (we had to wait for sometime), they had already laid Plaintain leaves to eat. Before we even thought about what to eat, they had served four chutneys (Coconut, Onion & Tomato, Coriander Leaves and No-idea-which-one). For cliche sake, we ordered a couple of idlis each. I enquired if they served "Kushboo Idli" and they did not know what it was. This annoyed me a bit, but the idlis they served were so soft and with the Idli Chilly Powder they served (later) it was WOW!

They served big fat South Indian Doughnuts (Vada) along with the Idlis. The vadas were excatly like the one they are seen on the posters put up at hotels. It deserved some clicking and I did click it. As we were tasting the Idlis, came Morrappam or Kuzhi Paniyaram, which was again great! We ordered for one more of those in the end. We also ordered a couple of roast items and my sister chose Onion Uthapam (if Vivek is reading, there are other kinds of uthappams also; hope you realized that at least now).

One of the best Idlis i've ever had

The bottom-line is : "Everything was great". I'd call it "Tastier than the Tastiest".

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VJ said...

Food Glorious FOOD!!!

Divya A said...

Orkut le tempting fotos. Here posts on food. !! Wats goin on Sriraj ? Sudden increased passion for FOOD !!! :)

Chiju said...

sudden increase? :)
FOOD.. always number one!!! :)

vk said...

ah..their Neii Roasts are my favorite :)

Vivek said...

Remember when we couldn't decide what to choose and I used to say bring both!

Vivek said...

That would also explain the bill issues :D

Chiju said...

I had butter masal dosa and it was great da!
And the so many orders we had to convert to take away!

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