Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I got closure

Getting over something is never a piece of cake. It gets worse to realize that something that you should have (or have had) is now with someone who does not deserve it at all. This has happened to me in the recent past.

Closure is the state where you finally accept the fact that you don't have it and you move on. Getting closure is not that easy either. First of all, you are going to miss it (badly). Next, you've got to put up with the fact that a worthless bastard has it, is enjoying with it or boasting to his friends about what he has got.

What generally people do?

1) Easily accept the fact that it is not there and move on soon. (I'm not even close to the easily part of this one)
2) You cry over it, then cry over it and then again cry over it. (Sounds like something I'd do, but I hate being like that, so not an option)
3) You try (your best) to be Mr. Happy & in the course you get over it smoothly. (Getting closer)
4) You talk to somebody else about it, they either scold you (has happened to me) and you say, "Ya, you're right" (I don't do that) or they talk and install some sense into the stupid head of yours (am just next door now).

Though the above pointers seem to give the big picture, the most probable action is:

5) Do something crazy like getting along with something else just to show that you're over it. (you've just reached my place).

However in the last case, when you realize that the one that replaced what you lost is not what you want, you feel so stupid that you want to do Ctrl+z. Is that possible?

As I was telling, in my case, it was possible. Ctrl+z worked. And the best part was, it gave me closure. :)

I still realize that I don't have it. I still do care that an unworthy, bloody ****** (any censored curse) is having fun with what should have been with me. But, I'm happy.

I proudly own a brand new Sony Ericsson c510 cybershot. And I sold away the stupid dobile (dappa mobile) that I bought to get over my K810i. :)

PS: Refer to Mobile-Tech-No-Logic. Getting over the mobile phones you love can be tough. Many would agree with me.

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VJ said...

woah! and i need to see it! :) can i play with it also? a bit? maybe more... ? ;)

Glad you bought a new one. I remember when you got the Motorola one. In GRT, you were talking about how you thought it was cute... i didnt know you called it Dobile. And i DID think it was cute :)

Anyways, congrats on new cell

Divya A said...

Dobile eh !! Ada paavi... Motorola isn't that bad ok !! U need to know which Moto u have to buy ;) Anyways lets hope this cell wishes to stay with u :P

Vivek said...

If you're lucky you'll find the worthless bastard ends up losing it too.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Chiju said...

ya.. i did think it was cute.. but.. i was crazy enough to buy it.. :)
I don't like moto.. that is my motto..
As I lost the mobile in my sleep, I'm not sure whether I lost it to him or he took it away.. :)
he losing it doesn't make a diff.. I'm clueless as to how that would make me lucky! :)

Chiju said...

My fingers are always straight.. :)

Varun said...

Looks like we have a Sony Ericsson fan here!

I have a W550i which I have not been able to sell off since last one year!

I hope that lucky ******* comes and takes mine away. :)

Chiju said...

I love sony ericsson.. :)
travel from Cbe to Madurai! your chances of losing it are great! :)

Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

As u know, I experienced the same situation twice; when I bought my cute little one with all the savings I had and when I first got a sophisticated mobile which I had wished for. God knows what the 2 ***** are doing right now with these.

Now am happy or rather made myself happy - a combination of options 1 and 2 I believe.

Chiju said...


Happens.. there are a lot of people i know who has been there.. :)

and your case.. definitely tops the list.. :)

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