Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time to move on

Time and tide waits for none

Its been a while since I wrote something here. Twitter has been taking care of my venting needs and not being active @ work has slowed down the traffic to the association areas of my brain. Once in a while, a momentary rush of guilt helps me use some of the time productively.

Last weekend I was in Coimbatore for my Periyappa's (Dad's elder brother) first anniversary. It was a five day process involving lots of rituals, gradually getting tailored by the generation. On Friday, I visited college with Vibushan and it was a nostalgic experience. From the time we parked the car and stepped in, until the time we came out and picked a bone with our animus security staff, it was trademark college. However, the usual excitement and thrill of being in Coimbatore or visiting college was obsolete .

Saturday and Sunday were completely booked for family except the little time spent at music class. Yeah, that was a great experience. Every July, my music school celebrates a two day annual event where all the disciples render songs as a tribute to the Sangeetha Moomoorthigal*. When I went for practice on Saturday, a batch was singing thillana for the chorus. It took me back to the childhood days where I was one among the 15 or 20 singing the same thillana. This is my 12th annual day there and I asked my teacher if I could be a part of the chorus this time.

Saturday night, it was again family time, when me, my cousins Srinath, Srikanth, my athai (Dad's sister) and Srikanth's wife Priya sat around chatting. It was more like a jamming session because we were singing all our favourite numbers like Cham Cham, Khwaja, Anjali and so on. Priya was making me sing number after number and I was so reminded of my Periyappa who used to do the same. Whenever he had visitors, if I was there, it would be singing time for me. He used to call it Sadhagam (practice) time. I couldn't believe that he is not there among us enjoying all the music and fun.

Sunday saw the last of the rituals for his anniversary. I felt time should actually be moving slower. It just seemed like I got down from the bus on Friday and it was already time to leave. I had this discussion about how I had always wanted time to move slower except during my college days. And that, even during college there was one reason why I wanted things to move slow and so on. In the end, the weekend was all about memories and missing stuff.

Well, not only the weekend, its been like that for a while. It has been making me wonder if I'm making this a big deal and if its worth it. The reason is that I look around and the people who are supposedly part of the memories have stopped to care, or at least seem so. Probably, they are bored of the whole good-times system. The funny part is that those who blame me of having made new "friends"(as one would fixate on the quotes for the word) and not care anymore seem to have forgotten where I live. A whole other perspective makes me understand that we can't blame anybody just because we are still the same and stubborn to accept change and move on.

I sat through the return journey coming up with a whole new "its-time-to-move-on" plan. Its a simple to-do list towards a productive life rather than blabbing nostalgia forever.

Its time to move on, for memories accrue, time doesn't.

"Time is the Healer.
Time Moves on,
Time don't wait for anyone.
You tell me you'll be back,
But that'll take sometime.
I'm waiting... "

I've always been amazed by the above lines. Simple but so true. :)

*Sangeetha Mumoorthigal - the musical big shots Thyagaraja Swamigal, Sri Muthuswamy Dixithar and Sri Shyama Shastri.

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$ph!nX said...

Memories never leave us da... It's one of the little things that keeps us human... The ability to feel is really something!; And maybe it's this innate quality that actually some lose.. They forget such memories.. Or rather, put it in the back burner.. What we hold close is not close enough for them.. And that makes all the difference..

Love what u've done with this blog.. The background's amazing...

Cheers :)

VJ said...

Dear chiu,

It is nice to know that you have so many things in your head.

I am glad you wrote again.

Might I add,...
Some people do care. Some people might not. But, in the end, you will be chiu to me and many more! So cheer up, and give 'em that cute puppy face. They'll melt. Serves 'em right for not caring!

Chiju said...

Thanks man! :)
:) :)

Navneeth R said...

I cudn agree more with Aneesh da ... These lil things ... lil tiny things are wot matters ... U knw wat ... I like this post for reasons and dont like this post for reasons .. I like u and we like u only for the Sriraj we know .. as u are ... Even after 2 yrs without constant touch frm u ,. u r the few guys who havent changed ... I ll take the rest offline ..

Vibushan L Narayan said...

I wish time had moved a bit slow when we had our EE exams.. by the time I was done with chapter 1, it was already midnight :D anyway.. good times and no worries.. things will get better soon :)

Chiju said...

Yup! Likewise! :)
When? After you leave India? :P :P

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