Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Every other day,
A smile you never knew why.
The tears you failed to try.

Every other day,
Success that came your way.
Failures that caused dismay.

Every other day,
Acceptance that made you fly.
Rejection that made you cry.

Every other day,
Just wanted to have your say.
Were you suspected to outplay?

Every other day,
Love that swept you away.
Hate that led you affray.

Every other day,
For something or the other you pray.
Will all that you wished, stay?

Success, failure, confusion, fear, appreciation, shame, disappointment, celebration, praise, luck, love or hate: all that was out of your control has a meaning that you did not attempt to look-up.

Life is always beautiful. Patience is the key. I learnt this today! Your day is on its way! Keep smiling! Cheers!

*Vincit means "to conquer" in Latin

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Vibushan L Narayan said...

kalakkita maple :D

VJ said...

Every other day,
Old friends that moved away.
New friends that have come here to stay.

:P Chiu.

How you play with words! How you hide things behind them!

If you were allowed to say everything out in the open, would you still choose to cover it up with words?

Chiju said...

Thanks man!
Hmmm. :) I should probably come with a manual! :P

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