Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jump the Shark

Saturday, 15th May 2010 was one of the most important days in my life. Its a day where I proved that I'm brave enough to face grave danger. Well, considering the present situation, people might have guessed easily that I watched Suraa* yesterday. But, that's just not it. I went one step ahead and saw Aasal* as well (on the same day).

But, I'm not going to talk about Aasal. Its too late now. Again, reviews about Suraa have been floating around for a while. But, I'm writing this just to prove wrong those dodos who think the movie is nothing but a piece of crap. The entire lot is mistaken. For all I say, Suraa is an epic movie, portraying different talents of various technicians who have handled different technology with the niche of a exquisite craftsman. We should call it Vijay's Magnum Opus for all the effort and brilliance that has been put into it.

PVR charged me Rs. 135 (15 bucks extra for online booking). Well, does it sound costly? I'd say different. The protagonist shoots himself out from the middle of the sea and swims to the shore like a shark with the tinge of dolphin style jumping. Ten minutes into the movie and I've seen what is worth 75 bucks. What a lovely way to introduce the hero and justify the title of the movie! Keep it up! The BG for the title song was good. Though nothing but a Rahman tune rearranged, it was pleasant.

So, the movie goes about rib tickling the audience then and there. Well, then comes this interesting turning point of the movie where Suraa is disguised as a Sardhar Customs Officer. He and his friends shoot nothing but a set of what I can only call Diwali-Rockets at a smuggler's boat. The deceived smugglers cry out loud that they are attacked using Rocket Launchers by the Indian Customs. Wah! Sheer brilliance! The movie is already worth 300 bucks. Isn't it?

"He is so stereotype. Doesn't bother changing his looks for every movie and is hesitant to join the six pack gang", a popular statement about Vijay. Finally, he decided to do something about it in Suraa. I'm sure he sat down and thought about the various troubles he could go through. Poor guy, had he the thighs of Ajith in Attakaasam, he'd have reduced multiple kilos and proved it. He did not go Surya's way building his body (Vijay is pretty ok body-wise) or Vikram's change of looks (Thank God he did not). In the end, he decided to wear a jet black leather jacket, a tight black t-shirt and a tie (like) on top of the T-shirt throughout the second half of the movie. Well, whats the big deal in that? Try doing it in the Chennai weather and you'll know. Hats off Illaya Thalapathi!

Stunt sequences need a special mention. They have rented out L&T cranes that make horror sounds, as Suraa beats a couple of hundred people. Well, to make it seem natural, that the sequence is happening in a construction site, these cranes continue to keep working. Except that they are lifting air (which is very heavy) and putting the air from one side on to the other. Well, I've not explained this part that well. You gotta watch it.

I can see that the director was very particular that he establish his aptitude for technology in Suraa (easily understandable from the Rocket Laucher scene, yet, one more comes). The Villain employs Chinese/Japanese programmers (they looked like Nepalis though) to program a bomb that could only be detonated/switched off (as in chuich off) remotely from a boat. "Ha Ha", laughs the gagged up Suraa. Well, he was intelligent enough to invite the Villain's family as chief guest to the function that is to be bombed. What are the odds that the villain, the goons and all the programmers evacuate the boat that chuiches off the bomb, to hit Suraa black and blue. Rookie Mistake!!!! Lucky they were, that Suraa could untie himself and jump onto the remote boat and chuich off the bomb (actually he pulls out every single wire in the surrounding). I wonder if he unzipped his pants as well, just in case, you know! Phew!

So people who think this is a bad movie say so, only because they are ignorant to see all the greatness! Hail the Team Suraa!

A lots of good and true things have been told in this movie about politicians, land mafia and the plight of the fishermen. Only, I don't think the messages conveyed haven't sinked in because the audience were too busy laughing their a**es off! :)

I've not mentioned Vadivel or Tamanna because they are all masked with the unintentionally funny gimmicks of the daring Shark! :)

*Suraa (means Shark) - Latest movie of Tamil actor Vijay**
*Aasal (means Original) - Latest movie of Tamil actor Ajith**

Vijay & Ajith - Two jokers of Tamil Cinema who don't realize that Superstar is what he is because of 25+ years of hard work.

1) The phrase, "Jump The Shark" was born as a metaphor for when a show (TV series) completely loses and forgets why people watch it. :)
2) I like Vijay and Ajith as actors, yet so irritated with what they are doing these days. Fans excuse the review! :)

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VJ said...


You know, all his movies have no base in reality! He always comes off as a very nice, albeit a little loud/flashy character - the hero with the heart of gold, and a girl with ... well, you know.. But, I never liked Tammanna (IS that the spelling? Who cares, anyhow!) I find her lacking grace. All the latest heroines seem to lack grace and mystery. They fail to arouse curiosity in their audience. Which probably explains their shelf life in 'Kollywood' is it?

And I thought I bored you last night with my messages!

Vibushan L Narayan said...

dai.. ennoda ilaya thalapadhi pathi edhaavadhu pesina.. konnuduven :P

P.S.- I hate Vijay and Ajith whatsoever.

Chiju said...

Bored? Those were a relief from all the Shark fighting! :)
Sorrynga chinna ilaya thalapathi! :)

Srinath said...

@Chiju... The movie was unexplainable to the extent that we got tickets in the 'box' seats for Saturday when actually the tickets were booked for the normal seats on Friday :P Don worry Ravanan is close on the heels.. Expect to get some respite from these crappy movies....

Chiju said...

Seriously man! Waiting for a change! :)

Kanz said...

Macha.. i cant belive u went to see tat movie.. Vijay once confessed that he is not an actor but just a dancer who acts ;) i appreciate his honesty :)

Chiju said...

Dude! You gotta see the first scene! You'd definitely think its worth it! :) :)

$ph!nX said...

Hahaaha..This one did a better job of waking me up than the morning cuppa coffee! Cha.. You missed the Vadivelu Wedgies and awesome 'romance' scenes....Seeing as how this movie was superbly driven, I'm sure these sections would have 'rocked' as well :P

Chiju said...


Nithin said...

I am disappointed that you didnt mention the Vadivel scene with the classical singer... That was a scene that boosted the money value of the movie... Even though it had absolutely nothing to do with the movie they put it in there... Value addition... They could have charged us extra for that extra scene but they didnt... Worth a special mention... That scene took the money value from 300 (where you had stopped) to 400... Special thanks to the Suraa team...

Gautham said...


these 2 guys need to learn from this and stop making mov(i)es !

Chiju said...

I din wanna mention everything because I din wanna give away the genius in the movie to everyone! They have to watch it for themselves and see it! :)
Rightly said! Thanks for visiting my blog! Keep Visiting! :)

ash G said...

I havnt seen any of his movies after pokkiri...

Chiju said...

Good For you! But you've missed out on so much fun! :)

Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

what was idea behind watching Aasal after u came back from sura?

Chiju said...

actually! its aasal and then suraa! :) chumma oru dare madiri.. thats all! :)

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