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The Dark Knights

Off late, I've been writing a lot of flashback. The thing about nostalgia is that I have never had to think, to put it in words. Its like when you are drunk and you get going. And to kindle it, it takes not more than one IM in facebook by your buddy, like, "vaada thattukadayil povam" (Come on, Lets go to the Roadside Food Joint - in Malayalam). Well, Kanz pinged me today and Chiju Speaks follows. :)

There is a dark side to everyone. A subterfuge from all the normal stuff: studies, responsibilities or "relationship" tension - to mention a few. The side that assures you: there is life other than what is doctored. This is about the dark side of me and my fellow knights.

When all your world is asleep and you say, "Its just 4AM", thats when the Dark Knight in you is unleashed. Keeping count of the kick ass nights spent back in Coimbatore is impossible. Thanks to our university, we had at least 3 full months of semester vacation every year. Every night spent (or wasted) for exams were compensated during vacation.

Aashirwad Nights

We (Me & Dad) used to live in Aashirwad apartments for almost 1.5 years. We had a great terrace there. Hanging out in the terrace, sitting on topof the water tank facing the Nilgiris (Ooty Hills), combined studies (esp the Astrophysics exam night), the so many topics (from cinema to politics to technology to mokkais) and playing cards. I wish I could go there once more and live through it all over. So, the WE is actually Me, Dad, Vivek, Vibushan, JP, Vijay, Deepak, Anandh, Kanz, Raghul and an ocsasional someone.

Astrophysics Exam Night - The two guys on the right actually had Chemistry the next day!
Aashirwad, 29th April 2007

Race Course Walks

A walk around the Race Course, probably after a heavy dinner or before a night @ Aashirwad defines an hour plus of chatting, laughing, photographs, a mid-night coffee day visit and a fantastic ride back home. Life was great! :)


(Left to Right) - Deepak, JP, Vibu, Anandh, Vijay & Vivek
Race Course, 23rd September 2008

Counterstrike Nights

Laptops all around the room, LAN cables running haywire everywhere, a silent night that turns so violent and heavy once the earplugs are placed properly. Playing CS through the night with Dad's Buttermilk or Mountain Dew to boost the warriors at game can't get any better.
Sp@rrow? Should we plan up a counterstrike night before Vibu flies off? Probably during your 5-day vacation in Chennai?

Vibushan's place

After a sumptuous dinner from Aachi Mess, we came back to study for our Data Structures semester exam with lots of plans (to study of course) and little mood to do so. We were taken aback by the preparations Vibu's parents had made for us to sleep comfortably after studies. Little did they know that their son and his feckless friends are going to bet on who's gonna flunk tomorrow over a game of cards and sleep through the night.

We were playing cards (of course in the name of studies) on a Sunday afternoon (one dark afternoon). Vibu's dad opens the door all of a sudden and gives a very strong stare. "Bushan! Come here!", he says and the tone gets us instantly to pack up everything and prepare to leave, only to see Vibu bring a tray of tea and biscuits back into the room.

We broke down a very old but strong and big double bed. I know what you're thinking, but Vijay Krishnan was there too. Vivek (the only guy who found guts) told Vibu's dad and we realized why we were all closest to Vibushan's parents that day. :)

Vibu's place - and this is the bed we broke! :P
August 10th 2007

Can we live a life like that ever again?

Veyes Towers

Staying alone during college is fun. You move into a bachelors mansion and 2 months later Kannan, this guy from your class finds a room there too. A few post dinner chats in the terrace of the mansion and you find a great friend called Kanz who kindled you to write this post! :) Dude, I'm not filling up this space fully. You know why!

Magic Show

A video we shot for our Seniors' farewell. What we planned for 2 hours took us 2 months. We have spent hilarious nights for this. It did not come out as we thought it might. But, shouts to Deepak who, not only did the experiment, but also took us along. Not getting into the details here either.

Project Nights

Two different projects (5th sem & 8th sem), Two different teams, Two entirely different areas and Two similar things - 1) Fun 2) I did only documentation. :P

Vivek's Big Project Plan
Vivek's House, April 2008

The Last night

After packing up to Madurai, JP and Vibushan stayed at my place till 3AM in the morning to drop me and Anandh in the bus stand. We rode through Aashirwad, talking about all those great night-outs.

The knights separated that night. :(

Anyways, as I sit here, this night, looking back at all those moments, I'm tagging the knights who should definitely write right about this. :P

7) Anandh (Dai, At least comment on this - or why don't you start a blog too?)

Guys, I know I haven't written in depth. I want all of you to fill the gaps. You all know where you have to. :P

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Nice post and its good to remember all the good things happened in our life.

I really miss the buttermilk which ur dad makes and i think u left the finger chips from kerala club :P

Still i'm working out on the project documentation which u made and i'm going to submit my project proposal with lots of changes to a conference taking place in Sydney ;)

I really miss the Counter Strike games which we played and i really miss the BADBOY Hack :(

I remember about the different pani poori shops in and around saibaba colony during exam nights

Peeking lunch, dinner during holidays and project time

watching mokkai films of vijakanth and tr comedy, sam anderson clips in ur house. I still remember the night searching for verasamy DVD along with deepak

bullying you with the junior girl ;)

Playing board games at vivek's house and talking for hours on the terrace near the pool

Changing the story of Rock On as Kaallan while watching the movie in the theater;)

I think we had most of the fun in Aashirwad Towers :)

I was in a bad mood before i checked my mail and now i'm back to the normal state after reading this post and thx for tagging me, else i would have not read this post :)

Vivek said...

Did someone miss the dolby DTS affect when a certain someone was sleeping?

Good memories chiju,
Please elaborate on the card game before DS semester exam?

Vibushan L Narayan said...

Macha.. boo hoo da :( seriously.. semma post.. orey nyaabagamaa varudhu.. and yes.. probably you can elaborate on vijay's romancing dreams with his fellow sea monsteri (female for monster :P) :D

Chiju said...

Thanks for writing your post here! :)
all leftover elaboration for you to do! :) Ya... The DTS.. I discovered it first I believe...
Remember when we went upto that sleeping Vijay and asked if he is enjoying all the s*x... and he replied?? :P

Kanz said...

Loved it bro.. Felt so nostalgic.. Hoping we get to spent more time together some day like before..


I really forgot what sh*t i told when i was sleepy :P

i agree with the DTS "affect"

I need to mention abt the beeda kadai and the funny sounds which we made near a house located in that area.

Vibushan L Narayan said...

ok sea maanster.. staap it :D

Chiju said...

Lets Hope! :)
I remember! and I guess Vibu & Vivek will also remember.
And ya about the funny sounds - ROFL! :)
Why you getting tensed? That funny sounds got something to do with you???

Vibushan L Narayan said...

no.. the house has got something to do with me.. but I remember Vijay having swallowed a 420 paan :D

Chiju said...

hehehe.. even now??? :P
And how many 420s has he swallowed.. edha nu sollara?

Vibushan L Narayan said...

onnu saaptadhukke payan surundutaan :D bloke was high..

Chiju said...

Hahahaha...Talking about High... "Hi Maaaapeeeee" :P


apove naan navarathana fan, nee enna 420 ku flatnu solriya vibu?

enna 3:30 am la comment elutha vaikathey Grrr...

Chiju said...

but the "Hi Maapi" effect??? :P

Vivek said...

lol @ comments!

good times..missing.. :(

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