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I was ignorant about the concept of the earth spinning around an axis. I was five years old. Anything that went circling used to get me to my nerves easily. For instance, the ceiling fan was my biggest nightmare if I woke up in the middle of the night. This supports the fact that I've never sat on any of the rides @ Exhibitions/Theme Parks or wherever. From the giant wheel to a simple Merry-Go-Around horse ride, everything had a phobia effect on me.

It was during those phobia days....

My mom, my sister, Murthy Uncle, Rajeev anna, Bhagyam Aunty and a few unknown relatives were standing around us. Rahul and me waved at them once, twice, thrice and every time we came near them, and moved away. We waved till our necks could twist and then turned away. BAM! They came into view again.

We were on a Merry-go-Around Swan Water ride for the age-group 3-5 years in SL World, Bombay (back then). I was proud to have overcome my fears and sat on this ride. I must confess that I sat on it only after I was assured that it goes around at a speed much less compared to how fast they push the Merry-go-Round @ School.

The ride went on for sometime with an occasional elevation of the compartment we were seated. I started looking into the water and it was such a treat. I was having a great time watching the patterns of ripples forming. Gradually, the ride came to a halt and the kids started getting down, one compartment at a time.

For a kid who had so many phobias, I was not the kind who was subtle. I had the mix of a criminal mastermind as well. So went my thoughts, "How nice it would be to step into the water? Chiju! This would be the best moment to do it". And I did it. When the turn came, Rahul did a good boy of holding the hand of the guy who was getting us out and stepped out. I casually put my leg on the other side and stepped into the water. Everything went fuzzy in the next few seconds.

What was I thinking? I'm gonna walk on water, or its not gonna be deep enough or I'm a child prodigy and have won Gold for swimming in the last Olympics. The truth is, I wasn't thinking at all. I just wanted to do it and went ahead.

There were shouts of surprise, fright and terror outside. As I started drowning I could hear all the voices that said "Chiju", "No", "Aiyaayo" etc. However, they became muffled sounds in a few seconds and I started struggling to come up. I'm sure some would have thought, "That's it!"

Then, the Hero (someone who worked there) jumped into the water. and got me out as if I was a tennis ball in a bucket of water. I hadn't passed out or anything. Though I did a lot of puking and had to go all the way home feeing sick. This is the story of My Escape! :P

The best part was when, one grandma came and asked me, "Indha pakkum kaala vekkarathukku, Andha pakkam vechutiya da kanna?" (You stepped on the water instead of stepping on the land by mistake right?) and I nodded as if I knew nothing! :)

1) Finally, Century! :) Dear Readers and Commentators - Thanks a lot. You people are the best! Keep Visiting. Keep Motivating. An I'll keep writing crap! :P
2) I wanted to write a Coimbatore Era - Part III for my 100th post. But, I had to escape. :P Sometime later.

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The Fool said...

Nice one.Personal experiences from childhood explained in detail and with what was working in the child's (yours at that time mind always make a fascinating read. Bets of luck for the Blog-a-ton

Vibushan L Narayan said...

CHiju! Vandhutiya! ini thats all.. competitioney illa!
Good one da.. eppo da nadandhudhu idhu?

VJ said...

Me likes.

Any story of li'l russel I'll like

Leo said...

lovely story.. good escape! :D
all the best for BAT!


Sureindran said...

Great escape! I like when someone put his own experiences in life, in writing. Even better, when it's well related to the topic. You did that today. By the way, do you still have the phobia, as strong as last time?

Sureindran R. - Escape

Nethra said...

Claps to that hero. :)
And claps to the naughty kid who inspired you to write this story. (I know you were the kid) :)
Nice story. :)

Chiju said...

@The Fool, Leo & Nethra
Thanks for Visiting. Come back again!
Dai! Podhum Podhum!
Thanks for Visiting. Come back again! I've not got into any of those rides till date! :P

Karan Shah said...

the final nod said it all...
and in the end you stood tall..
timely escape

Kanz said...

"For a kid who had so many phobias" what are the others macha? ;)

Chiju said...

@Karan Shah
Nice line!
Many more man! :P

Avada Kedavra said...

Haha.. sorry mustnt laugh.. it was an issue of life and death for you. You have narrated it so well that I could imagine everything that happened :) I remember seeing Essel world ads on TV and then asking my dad to take me there :) Nice escape!

-Avada Kedavra

Vipul Grover said...

Hi Sriraj.. welcm 2 blog-a-ton.. tht was a nice childhood pranky post.. keep participating :)

Chiju said...

@Avada Kadavra
Thanks man! :) Visited yours too. Well written! Touching! Keep Visiting!
@Vipul Grover
Thanks! Keep Visiting! :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Nice escape...
mad an interesting read buddy...

Karthik said...

" me out as if i was a tennis ball in a bucket of water.." lol.. :D
Lovely experience!
Sure we were not afraid of anything back then. But things change as we grow up. Such a pity.
Beautifully narrated, man.
Enjoyed reading. :)
All the best!

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