Monday, December 21, 2009

Yet again! Not again?

Not a long time ago,
I was sitting at this play,
Simulacrum of enactments still stay.
But, the lead role will go.

Why it makes me wonder?
The cliched acts dedicated,
For a well-being life, unaware.
The more sacred, the more scared!

Holding the torches to good will,
Carefully alighted the whole time-
Only to see blackened grass,
Soon after we put it out.

The non-sync percussion sounds
The reddish yellow images,
The heated drops and consoling words,
All dedicated to Mother Nature.

Every time I see this play,
Fades the need to explain.
For, the more I understand,
Lesser the questions unanswered.

I stood by the commotion over silence,
My mind, no longer ignorant.
Of the difficult of times that unveiled,
Yet, my promises stay put.

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$ph!nX said...

You stand with strong shoulders and a stout heart...
You stand, never alone for evermore


Chiju said...

when u meant stout...........

VJ said...

chiu... pinnare pa! poems poems a. :) i need a second reading.

VJ said...

chiu.. (sorry about the missing letter)

Somewhere within you is a well of words.. waiting to be pulled out... And you string them so beautifully.. even when the words hide so much underneath...

I cannot do ustice (letter missing) to this poem.. i will not comment on how good or bad it is...

Everything else will be offline... 'course.


Chiju said...


Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Thambi ennapa aachu unakku?

Chiju said...

nothing da.. :) Alcoholo-Mabbulako-syndrome nu nenakaren! :P

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