Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 Idiots - The genius within

If I had to say anything to Aamir and the team of 3 idiots, it has to be "Hats off!" because Aal eez well about the 2 hour 45 minute, non-stop entertainer.

Strong script

With its inspiration drawn from Chetan Bhagat's Five point someone, 3 Idiots proves that ideal script writers do exist. The story line is way better than the book and keeps you up from the first reel to the last. If the screenplay satisfies the reality lovers, it also satisfies the lot who smile and shed tears for filmy stuff. Right from the time, Virus mentions that his director told him to pass on the pen to whomever he feels is his replacement, one immediately would guess that the pen would go to Aamir, and is not disappointed.

The pace is well maintained and does justice to the Dil Chahtha Hai kind of one liner. Well, one more thumbs-up to the writer to have eliminated the pink t-shirt scene from the book, because most try to retain such scenes to win a few claps and whistles in the theatre. I was half disappointed (and a little excited) when Kareena walked into Aamir's hostel room wearing a pink t-shirt. :P

Credible Casting

Aamir has once again proven that he is a great actor. He has reduced ample weight and never would anyone feel, "Why do these old people never think about passing out of college". The character of Aamir reminded me of a close friend from college, especially, the non-nerdy genius within him. I'm sure everyone would be able to relate likewise. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi have re-created the Rang De Basanti magic by supporting the screenplay with a neat performance. All three of them have stayed within their own characters without crossing each other's way.

Kareena has very little to play but, unlike just dancing to meaningless numbers, she has a role and has contributed to the positives. Bommi Irani needs an applause for his awesome acting, body language and dialogue delivery. He has successfully kindled that bit of anger on "Virus", the Director. Right from Javed Jaffery to Chatur the Nerd, the casting is flawless.

Though everyone has done credibly well, in the end, one would definitely come out with the perfect Aamir experience, because his presence is felt throughout. It was fully Aamir.


3 Idiots is a hilarious entertainer is an understatement. It keeps tickling you every time you try to recover from the laughter that almost got your intestines out through your mouth. Worth mentioning is the class for jokes that are actually age old. The ragging scene, Aamir teaching a class, the speech for teacher's day and many other scenes leave you Rolling on the Floor Laughing. Ultimate Entertainer.


I never listened to the songs of 3 Idiots before going to the movie, except for Aal eez well, which is because someone told me that the songs are kinda childish and not that worth listening. After seeing the movie, the songs/background score did not stick, but they very well blended all the time. Nice job!

Lesson Learnt

The cliched "There is a genius within every Idiot" couldn't have been told in a better way.
Mr. Aamir, you can keep saying "Aal eez well" even though you are not gonna keep shooting for 3 Idiots.

Please don't miss 3 Idiots. Its a must watch.

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Charan said...

Is there a Tamil dubbed version of the movie running anywhere r with English sub-titles :D ?

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Heard so... Btw.. whos the guy from coll? :D

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Is it the porcupine?

Chiju said...

Not yet da.. but take someone who knows hindi with you.. not so difficult to understand!
Oh! When did u name him porcupine???

ash G said...

well i say.. except all those jokes borrowed.. i say it is a pretty good movie

Chiju said...

True.. Lots of borrowed jokes.. but even most of those were so funny that the entire theatre joined me in LOL!

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