Monday, December 07, 2009

If only I had

If only I had undisturbed sleep,
Unraveling the mystery of many dreams.
Many a missed smiles, retained.
Many disappointments, avoided.

If only I had known the magic charm,
Bringing down the angels and stars,
I'd have crafted the wand and,
Reached it with the longest taken arm.

If only I had the chance to display,
The beautiful portrait I had painted.
Faded off its beautiful flair -
For the colors were taken away.

If only I had chosen the right words,
Would have conveyed more than warmth.
Perhaps, concern did over-shadow,
The depth of love beneath.

If only I had seen what I send,
The train would have halted.
Locking the eyes that caught mine,
All it said was Good-Bye!

If only I had all of it,
Need not an asleep thumb-sipping child,
To keep reminding me -
That life is indeed beautiful.

If only I had gotten the nod,
I could claim Thou Blessed,
For my beach walks be decorated,
With a cute, extra pair of foot prints.

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Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

wow!! man! simply wow!

$ph!nX said...

Beautiful bro..Simply beautiful..!

gvn said...

Very nice chiju :)

Chiju said...

Thanks guys! :)

VJ said...

AIY! nee thiripi poem exhudha varadhu nu sollu.. adippen...

understood some of it.. some a lil mystery... a few paras maybe...

we'll discuss offline :)

Chiju said...


gutsylads said...

Nice Dude!

Chiju said...

Thanks! Keep Visiting!

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