Friday, June 29, 2012

No name!

Everything eventually ends. I don't know why it has to. But, they say it's the law of the universe. That I can agree. Apparently, everyone knew about this. I was the late pick-up! :P However, I just had one question. If you know everything is eventually going to end, why are you so keen to end it yourself? If I ask this, I'm being impractical. Any the ways, this post is not about being practical and all. But, it's about ending something. Keep reading.

So, I started this blog back in Feb 2008. I didn't start it because I had anything to say to anyone. It was just an instinct. I helped my dad with a write-up and he loved it. Of all the things I could have done (I had hell a lot of assignments to write), I went online and created a space on blog spot. It's just the disadvantage of giving away free blog accounts. Anyways, I was filling out the necessary forms and when I came to point of the title, I paused. What to name the blog? After two hours, I typed in CHIJU SPEAKS. No, it didn't take me two hours to come up with the name. I got a call when I paused. I was talking on the phone for the next two hours. When I came back to my system, I saw the cursor blinking on the text box and I named my blog instantly.

Naming it was simple because, everyone knows how much Chiju Speaks. Some people hate it when I keep talking. Don't worry about the rest, I don't talk to them! :P The irony is that the people I love to talk to are the ones who hate it when I keep talking. :P My dad for example. I can't imagine how many times he has explicitly told me, "Konja neram peshama iru" (Except for the tam bram slang, that just means - "Shut your mouth for sometime"). But, I can just sit and keep chatting with him for hours. He's such a great listener. I wouldn't blame anyone though. So, if you have ever felt bad that you cut me out when I was in a flow of talking, don't worry. I totally forgive you. Trust me, even I can't take it when someone talks like me. :)

I can't believe this space has been there for 4 years. Maybe it doesn't sound that long because I remember writing every single post. If I just focus away from the bad posts, I'm sure I have brought a smile on many people's faces by writing here. That's the biggest complement to this space and myself.

I would like to thank all the people who kept me going in this front.
Swathi - My first inspiration to writing anything. If you commented on a post, I would know I have written a good one.
Vibushan & Vivek - To have introduced the word blogging to me. When you were active bloggers, I have shared your blog links to people more than mine. :)
Navneeth - Whenever we used to have a chat, I used to get an idea to write here. I hope one day what you dreamed about my writing comes true! :P
Aneesh & VJ - To have commented in almost every post. You guys kept this space going for a long time.
Swetha - To have always been frank and honest about telling me what exactly you felt about whatever Chiju spoke.

And to the very few readers who used to remind me about writing here once in a while. Thanks.

Chiju Speaks will shut down at 7:15 PM on July 2nd 2012.