Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to name it

Sometimes you want things. Sometimes you want them so badly. Sometimes you just know you want them but you are nowhere near to getting them. Most often than not, you end up not getting it. "Oh! What's with the pessimism Chiju?" Yeah, I heard that, but keep reading. Sometimes you know you want the thing and you know you may not get it, but you put your heart and soul in to it. You work on it a little bit everyday. But, no one notices. No one understands you, what you are doing and why you are doing it all the time, until, one fine day. You make it there.

There is a phrase in Tamil that says "vaayala vada sudaradhu". A colleague calls it (for "security" reasons of course) "Mouth Vada Frying (MVF)", in butler English. People brag all the time about all that they can do. I do that big time. But, when you see them get in to the field, you'll realize that it's just about all the theory and not one bit of application. Yes. I'm guilty of that most of the time. But, once I've committed something (except if it's about me pulling down) to someone, I think I've met the expectations. Anyways, this is not about me. So, let's leave that there.

If you ask me about it, sample out people randomly off the street and I'd say 17/20 are experts in MVF. Most of them, not by choice. As my gtalk status used to read, the reality bitch sucks (TRBS). We just don't get to keep our word. So, what about the other 3? How do they achieve what they want? How do they do it so seamlessly? It's funny to think that we live in the same bitchy world as them.

In this world that's full of so many successful people, you can never go short on inspirations. Sometimes, just talking about your past to someone will make you realize that what you've pulled in the past is more than what you think of yourself right now. Throw "Past is Past" at my face and I'll fling it right back at you with it's not about living in the past, but, living out of it.

To make it there needs something extra. Focus! If the focus is on the little piece of the puzzle, you are likely to lose interest soon. But, if it's all about the big picture, someday or the other, all the pieces will fall in to place. And to say that, I may not have achieved anything, but, I've seen people who have. People who I had all my life, people who are living so close to me that I wonder why I never thought I should learn something from them.

People who never reacted to that all that negative criticism, when all I did was achieve those small points, impressing people that didn't matter and creating an impression about things that didn't matter. In short, I never really was sure about the big picture. The past few months have been very humbling and it's literally like being reborn. I have learnt to be a lot more patient, keep to myself and most important of all - I now know that there is a big picture.

In short, it's all about the focus. If you think you are doing the right thing by starting with chiseling the big mountain, keep doing it. That's advise for myself. Take it if you feel it applies to you.

It's so refreshing to have written one full post here after 6 months. See ya folks. :)

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VJ said...

Chiselling the big mountain.

That be it.

Welcome back.

Chiju said...

Thanks VJ.

Janith said...


$ph!nX said...

First and foremost, welcome back to the blog-o-sphere big guy! You were missed.

If you wanted to know why, well, this post is as good a reason as any. I can make multiple inferences from this (I wonder why I overthink everything) :) but of one thing I am sure: 6 months off and you aren't the least bit rusty ;)

$ph!nX said...

And *change* the tagline you big galoot! Misleading it is!!

Chiju said...

Thanks buddy! The tagline as I see it can't be more apt! :)

Vibushan L Narayan said...

@sphinx, you didnt overthink :P And why i'm asserting so much is because I thought of similar things and I rarely even think :P

Chiju said...

@Sphinx and @Vibushan Multiple interferences? :P Nice! we'll discuss offline.
@Sphinx alone.. Changed the tagline... Now don't tell me you don't get it. :P

Ashwin said...

If MVF is to talking, what is it to blogging? ;)

Chiju said...

As the person who coined MVF, you can coin that too.. only.. let the damage be less! :P

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