Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cuisine paradox

Its been FOUR whole days since I landed in Kuwait and it has been a typical vacation. When I say typical, I have been relaxed yet active, haven't thought about work at all (for which I will have to pay next week), been a constructive contributor to household work, argued with my sister about the lifestyle of me and my dad in Chennai, followed a perfect three meal-snacks-juice diet and not thought about any of the usual crap that keeps me preoccupied (except for the certain someone dream all the three nights). To top it all, the bonanza of happiness that my cute little niece adds, has kept me busy and smiling all along. I haven't seen enough of her yet to write about it.

Well, no prizes for guessing, the title and the italicized, hyphenated phrase in the last paragraph has very well given away the intent of this post. I'm keeping it as simple as possible.

My typical menu in Chennai

Coffee (which I can't live without)
Bread toast/sandwich/poriyal
Dosai (with packeted Idli Molaga Podi)
Maggi noodles (the Chinese Chef in every poor man)
Corn Flakes
McDonalds/KFC (when I don't mind a drive to Velachery)
Subway (the weekly tester of the life of taste buds)
Pizza (the salary celebrator)
Noodle King (Home service of course)

If you take a look closely, I live on a so called western diet almost all the time. Basically, I love food. I enjoy my eating and I stop eating or don't eat when I feel I won't enjoy it. If I had as much as 5% of the passion I have for food, on any other thing, I'd be the master of that. Having said that, I was a big fan of all the above mentioned food, or at least I thought I was.

Menu in Kuwait (for the past four days)
Breakfast - Idli (with onion chutney and homemade Idli molaga podi)
Lunch - Molagootal with kothamalli thogayal, curd rice, Morukootaan (from the previous day)
Dinner - Kuboos with Hamoos and Philaphel (Kuwait special) :P

Breakfast - Dosai (with homemade molaga podi)
Lunch - Rasam with Podalangaa Kootu and curd rice.
Dinner - Repeat of the breakfast (we were out that evening and came home late)

Breakfast - Ravaa Upmaa
Lunch - Avial (with yam, carrot, potato and other vegetables), curd rice
Dinner - Vegetable soup and Sphagetti (Brother-in-Law Special)

Breakfast - Bread toast with a chocolate cream stuffed croissant
Lunch - Radish Sambar, Kovakkai Poriyal, curd rice
Dinner - Aappam and Green peas curry

Add to the above, a cup of coffee every morning and evening, some juice between breakfast and lunch, flaovured yogurt after lunch and some snacks with the evening coffee.

I know its just FOUR days, yet, somehow I have enjoyed my food more than forever. When I eat lunch at someone's house and they offer me a second yelping of rice, I'd always give my clichéd "I don't eat so much rice" dialog. It surprised me today that I am indeed serving myself an unusually large second yelping of rice to have with curd.

No matter how much I argue with my sister that me and my dad are indeed leading a satisfactory life in Chennai, when it comes to food, I can't but agree with her that we need to step up and bring about a big transformation.

I recollected what my mom used to say about how my uncles from the Gulf used to come to India craving for that one meal of hot homemade Sambar or Molagootal. It ironical that I had to travel all the way from India to enjoy the same. Only disadvantage here is that they are compelled to use Basmati rice for all kinds of cooking, the quality of which I should say is amazing.

Now that I realize what I have been doing wrong regarding my food, hopefully, I'll put it into perspective after getting back to Chennai.

Anyways, signing off on that note. Off and away to sleep with a clear mind (like always after writing in this space) and a properly filled stomach (now, that unusual). Oh! There will be that dream again. Hmmm. More on that later.

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