Friday, August 06, 2010

Music - Technical & Blunt

My thoughts and me are absolutely harmless. Suing would be absolutely unfair.

Keep away any fragile items. If you love your hair, I'd not recommend this one.

These days there is technology in everything. Especially, music and technology are intertwined is an understatement. Instances follow.

Human-Computer Interaction

If humans understood zeroes and ones (binary digits), there would be no need for programming languages (like C, C++) to interact with the computer. Binary digits are the nature of how a computer works.

Movie - Mozhi


"Iyarkayin mozhigal purindhuvidil,
Manidharin mozhigal thevai illai."

If the language of nature is understood,
There is no need for human languages.

Common Admission Test

For the newbies, its called the CAT - something you write right, to get into the top B Schools in India. Once you get a clean shave in that, you are entitled to steal the best mermaids enlisted in Matrimonial websites.

Movie - Kandasamy

"Meow Meow Poona, Meesai Illa Poona,
Thirudi Thinga paakiraiyae Dhimsu Katta Meena"

Oh Mewing Cat, Clean shaven Cat,
You are trying to steal a beautiful fish.

Redundancy (The best of all)

The concept is simple. Basically, it is an active and standby mechanism. One link is active. If it goes down, a redundant link takes up.

Movie - VTV


"En idhayam udaithaai, nee norungavae,
En maru idhayam tharuven nee odaikkave"

You broke my heart into pieces.
I'll give you my other heart to break.

I waited for quite long, but couldn't find a fourth song yet. I'll try to keep adding to it. :P

PS: Just when you thought this was all. :) I've labelled this post as "Bluntest". It is derive from mokkai (PJ), in Tamil, meaning blunt.

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$ph!nX said...

Movie - Kaadhalil Vizhundhaen(Sigh.. Worst movie)


Maddu sethan Manishan thinan Thola Vechu Melam Katti
Adradra Nakku Mukka Nakku Mukka Nakku Mukka


Cow died, Man ate, Tie a Drum with the Skin,
Hiiit It!! Tongue! Nose! Tongue! Nose! Tongue! Nose!


However much I try to forget that farce of a movie, it keeps cropping up like an errant nightmare.. :D

Did I ruin this by adding this song(of all songs??) :P

HCI is an MS subject.. rendu line atha mudichittiyae!

Oh! And are you to be married to one of the "fish people" then?

Mr. Mokkachaaami Chiju

Chiju said...

I had just written a mokka post! You made it a drainage by adding that comment! ;)

Chiju said...

Dai! Worst part is... I shared this link in FB and what appears as the clip of the read is what u've written! :( People are not even gonna wanna click on the link if they read this!

VJ said...

Chiu. I like how you think.

I did not think this was mokkai.

Rest offline

ash G said...

Lemme think of some song...
Na nadantha adiradi
En peru sara vedi

Someone transalate please

Kiran Jai said...

@Ash: Translation here in two words... Bull(?) shit!!!

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