Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, this is how it feels to turn 23??

Being a Leo
I'm a proud Leo. I feel so strongly about it because I see this great mindset match with people who are Leos too. I'm not a fan of astrology and don't care about the negatives of the same. But, it is always great to believe in positive thoughts and good ideals. I fit into most of the categories of a Leo. Dominant, organized, attention-craving, naughty and the list goes on.

So, Whats up?
Looking back is a tricky thing to do. Who doesn't have regrets when he is 23? I shouldn't have chosen this course; what was I thinking? It shouldn't have discarded my passion at its learning peak. Should I have told her earlier; Would that have made any difference? The whole attitude change I went through, I don't think it was worth it. Why am I working on something that I don't care about? A few of them at this age. But, its not only about the regrets. Well, at least not today. Its about hope. Its about commitment. Its about reality. Its about passion. I usually promise myself a lot of things this day, every year. Except last year, I've never kept any of those promises.

I've gotten bored of this promise deal. In the practical world, not all promises can be kept. I want to be practical. Aren't we missing out on the thrills of life? So, no promises (at least not aloud) this year. No hopes. No dreams. Lets get into some live action and see how things unwind. For a change, I'm going to practice "happy-with-what-I-have".

About today

To that note, when the clock strikes midnight, I'm wishing myself a very "Happy Birthday". I had planned to get myself an important gift yesterday, but, decided to postpone it. Certain things are more important than getting a gift at the right time. :) Its a good thing, also because I can dedicate an entire post as to why I wanted to get that and what I'm going to do with it.

Last afternoon, one of my friends asked me to suggest 10 of my favorite songs for some compilation he was working on. I gave him 5o songs in 5 mins. So, that kindled some real want to go back to my good old music. Spent three hours listening to marvels of our Indian musicians. And an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. What more can I ask for????

Sweet Memories

Back to the looking back thing, thanks to technology and my uncle, I was lucky to see how my family celebrated my first birthday. Nothing like the feeling of someone wishing you from the beyond. Please note that I'm not SREERAJ and it was a spelling mistake made by I-don-know-who.

22 years ago..

I loved this clip. Hope you enjoyed it too. Its really good that people don't know what you'd grow into, else they'd be careful on what they invest on you.

Thanks to everybody who've been with me all these years. The little good I've done till now wouldn't have been possible without you people. I have no specific names. There are so many of them. I'd want each and everyone of you with me till the very end.

August 10th 2010

PS: Having regrets when you are 23 is not a big deal. What's important is to revert each one of them down the line.

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Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

First Wishing u many more happy returns of the day. Have a rocking year and life ahead.

Man u don have to regret for anything...u have been and will be so important for many a people. Atleast for me u r a goody goody boy all ur life....

Keep going with ur Leo characteristics (never mind the negatives)...This will take you to great heights.

Have a gr8 b'day!!!!

Junaid Ahamed said...

Wish ya many more returns of the day chiju! I enjoyed the whole clip, every fraction of second, and it's really spectacular :)

$ph!nX said...

Happy Birthday bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a pleasure to know you da.... Have an awesome day and an even "awesome"-er year ahead, where all that you (unofficially :D ) wish for come true. You don't have to regret anything da.. Coz whatever you have done could't have been done in any other way is always for the best.

Go with the flow. Go where life takes you. You will shape it in your own distinctive style and do not worry; you will NOT lose your way!!!

:) Cute video... Modern Talking singing eh? :) Pottu pottindu, 23 years ago :) How times have passed :D

Stay Naughty, stay organized, stay dominant. You have been a joy for a lotta people and here's to you da! on your birthday! :)

Chiju said...

Thanks a lot! :)

Vibushan L Narayan said...

Happy Birthday man..
About losing your way.. no worries :D i'm lost too.. so somewhere or the other we're bound to bump against each other.. that keeps me going. Should keep you too :P

Happy Birthday man..

VJ said...

:) Chiu!

Just turning 23.

:) Sigh! The young generation finally takes charge ;)

Happy Birthday. And I agree with Vibu. "Somewhere or the other we're bound to bump into each other"

:) We are all on different paths ... let's try to make 'em meet! :)

Chiju said...

@Vibshan & VJ
Thanks for the wishes!
but.. i thgt we were all lost together! :) the together part keeps me going rather than the hope of bumping into you people some day!

VJ said...

So cute chiu.
Esp the scene when you are sitting in your mothers arms and your hair is flying a lil at the back (killing! :P so cute)... you are struggling to remove the maalai

Absolutely adorable. Eating cake like a small thing

CHIU! i have always maintained that you were adorable as a baby. I wish I had known you then.

Chiju said...


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