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The cast - Part II

So, resuming this series (am surprised too), I'm describing a few characters from Lost in the remaining parts. I'm choosing these characters because they walk among us (or at least shades of them do). Even without watching the series, you could relate to these characters. I'm trying to be as generic as possible for the benefit of people who haven't seen it and are interested in reading.

Charlie, The Loser (or so he behaves)

I thought about the tag (loser) for a while before I started writing. This character is many things, but to bucket all of them together, I couldn't think of a better tag. The part of Charlie is one of the best enacted characters in Lost (played by Dominic Monoghan). The idea I guess was for the audience to hate him (remember Snape in Harry Potter). You would have seen many a Charlies in your day to day life. He is talented, sweet, responsible and righteous, all of this by nature. The good characteristics fetch him a brief stint of success and fame. But, he is also naive, weak and too dependent that makes him lose all of it, while being exploited by someone he always trusted (in the series it's his elder brother). Had he dedicated half of the time and energy spent for this one person, for himself, he'd have made something out of life. In the end, when this person not only leaves him behind in a mess, but also takes everything away, he is way lost.

He has to choose between cutting a sorry figure and clinging on to the brief success story. Unfortunately, the world is too huge that most of them don't recognize short term success stories and the rest are too forgetful. So, picking the latter option doesn't work out for him well. He ends up feeling like a loser, feeling unwanted, being very needy and ends up cutting a sorry figure anyways. An act of recovery follows, trying to tag along where he doesn't clearly belong, resulting in more loneliness, self-loathing and searching for someone to blame so that he feels good momentarily. Even writing about this character is really tiring and pathetic. There is a only a small difference between people of this kind whom you hate and whom you don't. The latter ask for help or accept that they cannot be helped and stay out of the way.

The writers score for the symbolism of choosing the profession of a rockstar for Charlie.The resistance he shows to getting fame drunk and sticking a needle to play the part is the depiction of nature, while giving in to temptation scoops in the weakness associated. Personally, he was at the top of the hate list for me. Every time he came close to an adventure, I wish the writers killed him off. The character was too irritating to take. And finally when he dies, you feel sorry for him (again Snape). The final touch of "Greatest Hits" where he pens down the top five moments in his sorry life is the touch.

Sayid, The Go-to-Guy

We know this dude, don't we? When all hell breaks lose and there's good surety that we are screwed, we go to him. We know he is the only person who could get us out of it. He is not a leader, but more of a loner. He predicts methodical failure, but, we ignore him and he doesn't insist. But, he is there to clean up the mess once it's well and made. He is powerful and doesn't speak much, we can piss him off easily and the more we talk to him, he figures us out. His judgement almost always hits the bulls eye. There is a sense of calmness about him that earns him our trust. We can let him down and ignore him, but, when something's wrong, we better have him in the team. The reason is that he is strong, more mentally than physically.

Breaking out of the external view of this character and learning about him reveals the secret behind that mental strength. The seasoned mindset roots at the repeated challenges thrown at him in terms of the choices he had to make in the past. In the series, he has a dark past of being an Iraqi Republican Guard Interrogator (fancy word for torturer) in the Gulf War. In real life, this guy probably isn't a torturer, but may have taken care of his siblings from a very young age (maybe protected them from an abusive parent or family) or something that requires lot of patience and personal sacrifice to fight through.

Naveen Andrews perfectly fits the role of Sayid. He has played it with such finesse that you like the character and the actor equally. Sayid is probably the only character that was a constant throughout the series. He made a choice once and that brought a realization of the darkest deeds that he is capable of. He is angry at the realization and he is lost in the anger. He consciously tries to recover, but life always puts up that choice in front of him, always with the option of his darker shade. That choice becomes easier to pick because he knows that he is a natural. The nine year search of the one right choice (his sweet heart) he wants to make is finally successful. But, when she gets murdered soon after, it pushes him permanently into darkness. For Sayid, this consistency is the writers' touch.

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kiran bhusnurmath said...

Sriraj... good post..... one question isn't Allen younger brother to Charlie ? ... anyways this 2nd cast part liked ... good.. keep it going ....

Chiju said...

Thanks Kiran. Allen was his big brother. He used to keep calling Charlie baby brother.

$ph!nX said...

Wasn't it Liam ?

Chiju said...

Yup. Spot on. Liam. Not Allen. I went with the flow.

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