Saturday, March 05, 2011

Stupid Sam - Know the difference?

"Five Pipty", he said, casually.
"Huh?" Sam did not catch that.
"Five hundred and pipty!", he repeated.
"Sorry?", Sam asked, a bit of alarm gripped his voice.
"Five pipty pa!"
"Engitta avalo cash illanga. Paathu pannungale", Sam replied. He was cautious about not conveying a casual tone.
(I don't have so much cash. Please cut down your demand.)
"Illa pa. Five pipty. Receipt vaangiko", he continued the usual act of I-will-not-budge.
(No. Five Fifty. You can take a receipt)
"Engitta nooru roopa thaan irukku. Enna pannalaam?", Sam insisted.
(I have only 100 bucks. What can we do?)

The guy insisted a couple more times and even pointed to an ATM nearby. When Sam did not show any sign of agreeing to pay more, he gave the situation a bit of serious thought and proposed a new deal. "300?"

Though stupid he was, Sam realized that his act was working. It was past 9 PM and he jsut wanted to get this done with. His mind worked out the math (luckily he was good at it) in a whoosh and spoke slowly, "Engitta avalo illanga. Oru 150 try pannalaam." (I don't have so much. I can try gathering around 150 bucks).

The guy sighed. It was getting late for him as well. He wanted more money to put up his booze party for the night and at the same time did not want to lose the customer.

"200. Final.", he said and walked away to find one more person to make up for the difference.

At this point, Sam knew what had to be done. He quickly asked his colleague for any change she had. She looked through her purse and handed him two ten rupee notes and a ragged five rupee note. He took the notes and put together the bits and pieces from his purse. He rushed to the guy, handed him the currencies and grunted, "Ellathayum vazhichu 125 irukku" (after cleaning up my purse here is 125 bucks).

The guy accepted it with gratitude and quickly slipped the notes into his pocket, so that his superior did not notice the little business deal he made for himself. Sam went back to his bike and shushed his colleague to quickly get on. They left the place in no time.

On the ride back home, Sam couldn't but wonder at the fact that the differences between tourist spot vendors and traffic policemen were gradually decreasing.

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vass said...

Machi this Sam trick didnt work out here da.....Uncle said "pay the fine and take the vehicle"

Chiju said...

The Sam trick was not to escape the fine. Pay as less as possible.

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