Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Joke is on you

Me: There are mistakes that you dare commit while giving unnecessary information to a group that is drinking tea.
Myself: And those would be?
Me: Don't look at a Cathay Pacific that is flying over the building in front of which you are having tea. If you have looked, don't mind anyone who read out loud "Cathay Pacific".
Myself: If you did?
Me: Don't add anything to it.
Myself: If you can't keep your mouth shut?
Me: Well, at least don't tell them that you have traveled by Cathay Pacific.
Myself: What if someone asks, "To Kuwait?"
Me: Don't correct them, or else just correct them and leave it there.
Myself: Why?
Me: Maybe because some guy might ask you what is the uniform of the air hostess, for which you might have to say, "Dude. I traveled when I was in first grade. How would I remember?".
Myself: Yeah. So, whats the problem.
Me: Now the guy who asked you would respond. "Maybe because you traveled at an age you did not bother" and shut up, but can you?
Myself: If No?
Me: Then, at least don't say that when you were getting off the flight, they gave you two nice dolls. Everyone (or someone) might starting laughing loudly.
Myself: Oh the idea of a guy liking dolls? That you were very small then? Doesn't that count?
Me: You wish.
Myself: No recovery then?
Me: No no. You can recover from that.
Myself: Then whats the problem?
Me: They might not be laughing for the whole doll thing?
Myself: What else?
Me: Well, You never know. You might realize it late.
Myself: Late?
Me: Yeah. Maybe, when you can't recover anymore.
Myself: How does that work? Why would they laugh then?
Me: Because you made an impression of holding two invisible dolls, one in each hand.
Myself: Now, why is that funny?
Me: It is funny when you hold them pretty close to each other, with considerably open palms and at a certain height from the ground level. :(
Myself: Ooooooooooh!

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VJ said...

Me: Chiu told you about this in the evening no?
Myself: Yes he did!
Me: So, can you explain what the hand thing is?
Myself: No, I cannot.
Myself: Because I didn't understand what the hand thing was!

Chiu - ???? :P But the jokes are not on you... you know why dont you ant boy?

Nithin said...

you should have put up those comic strips as well to complete the deal...

Chiju said...

Not suitable for kids! :P
Yeah! Already google leads perverts into my blogs. Adhu kooda venno aliya???

Reshu said...

Now this has become like one of those incidents in life that you cannot help but get reminded by a scene in a movie. I think of it every time I watch the episode where Rachael breaks up with Paulo in the balcony and Monica, Phoebe watch it from the couch...with Monica guessing the words.." ...that is either how could you or...."
:D :D

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