Thursday, April 01, 2010

See ya all

Taking a break from the online world, work place and the busy life!

I've had enough. There is a limit to anything and everything. I can't stand it anymore. Putting an end to it is really important. I just don't have a choice. So, this is it people. Have fun all of you!

I know its a cheap trick. But, this is just my version of "April Fool".
Be a fool.
Remain a fool.
Keep learning forever.

Double Marriages in the family, A niece born, lots of responsibility and increased expectations - Sounds like a fun break huh????

See ya 15th April! :) :) Bye till then.

2 Expressions:

Janith said...

yup... there are times when ur blog really touches me..... touches me to the extent that I think.....

I think ..


well this is one of those times.... :P ........................

But then again I soon realize why...

I love reading crap :P

Divya Arikere said...

Funny usage of these comic strips :) nice...

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