Monday, March 08, 2010

Confusingly clear contestants

Jam packed weekend would be an under statement. The Palakkad heat is in its peak and literally the sun was putting a straw straight into our head and drinking out of it (dinggggggg!!!! an ad striking???) Thanks to the so many maamis who offered us nannari sharbath, we were able to cover up to 50 houses on saturday. Well, I'm dedicating a separate post to that (I hope so) because it was a too good experience listening to the childhood experiences of our parents from their friends. Well, listening to good things is always great.

On Sunday, after all the invitation distribution, my dad and me dropped off Srinath for his bus and returned home. My train was at 22:20 and I had booked a cab to reach the station. I had about half an hour to kill and I spent half of it lying down idly. The rest, I thought I'd dedicate to some last minute TV watching. I turned it on and a gorgeous Trisha was talking with pride (too much pride for one good film) in Coffee with Anu. I hate ads for a reason and BAM they came up. I went to the next channel and saw Kushboo in Jackpot*.

I remember the last time I saw this show. It was back in June 2006. I was in Chennai (my then home) for my semester holidays. After a heavy Sunday dinner, we were just switching channels uninterestedly, when my classmate sent me a message saying, "See Jaya TV". I told my sister to turn it on and to my surprise, saw 4 of my classmates participating. As I was explaining to my sister, who each of them is and stuff, my mobile sounded once again. The SMS from one of batchmates read, "Ellarum olunga football match paarunga da" (Everybody better see the football match).

Well, coming back to yesterday.

Kushboo (to Team 1): Nadigar Vikam, thaan thayaarikkum padathukku yaarai iyakkunaraaga niyamithullar?
Translation: Which director has Actor Vikram appointed for the movie he is producing?
I immediately said, "Sasikumar", to my dad.
Team1 Captain: (Thinks for a while and says with little confidence) Shankar!
I was like, "Oopsy! Well, do you think Vikram has that much money to crap?"
Kushboo: BOAAard?
And there was papaaaan sound. (Wrong Answer)
Kushboo: Chennai team? Unga Badhil?
Translation: Chennai Team? Your answer?
Chennai Team Captain: (Pauses, hesitates and says) Sasikumar.
I was like, "Cool!"
Kushboo: BOAAard?
And there was a kilikilikin sound. (Correct Answer).
Claps and other announcement of what gift hampers they won followed.
Kushboo: Team 1, Aduthu vara rendu kelvigalukkum neenga correct answer solliyae aaganum, Jackpot round valayadarukku.
Translation: Team 1, You have to get the next two questions right, in order to play the Jackpot round.
For a team thats almost losing, the captain seemed very cool and confident. I thought, "She's gonna nail it. Probably, she's a nerd who doesn't know much about movies, especially, tamil movies. Not a mistake."
Kushboo: Padhaviyil irukkum podhe maranam adaindha Indiya Janathipadhi yaar?
Translation: Which India PRESIDENT died when he/she was in power?
She smiled and I thought she got it. With confidence and spontaneity, she spoke.
Team 1 Captain: Indira Gandhi!
There was heavy laughter. I was dumbstruck. So was Kushboo.
Kushboo: Indira Gandhi was assassinated!!!!! And she was the prime minister.
Team 1 Captain: Answer maathamudiyaatha?
Translation: Can't the answer be changed then?
Kushboo: Maatha mudiyaadhu! Board?
Translation: No, It cannot be!
Papaaaan was the sound and she turned to Chennai team. For a moment, the camera showed a few faces in the audience and they were all in roaring laughter.
Kushboo: Neenga Jackpot round velayaada poreenga!! Unga answer?
Translation: You are gonna play the Jackpot round. What's your answer?
Now, I din know the right answer too. So, I never expected Chennai team to give the answer, but I hoped they'll name a president. She was also very quick.
Chennai Team Captain: Nehru?
The crowd again went for a roar of laughter.
Chennai Team (all 4 together giggling): Chumma oru guess thaane!
Translation: We just went for a guess!
I was like $$!%$#%!@%#$!#@%$#!%@

These ladies I believe, are part of the 33% crap thing. So, they just chose to learn only 33% of everything and Indira Gandhi happened to fall on the 67% side of the history they learnt. Can we blame them?

1) I even went through the list of Prime ministers and Presidents of India in order to reassure that people (not the illiterate, at least the ones who come to participate in game shows for money) are still unaware of who was president and who was prime minister. Well, you don't have to know the entire list. But, at least about Nehru and Indira Gandhi.
2) Jackpot is a game show that has two teams of four ladies each. You have to play 3 rounds and only one team goes to the jackpot round where you can win lot of money.
3) Is it ironic that I'm writing this on Women's day??? :P
4) Well, No! Though I know a few of them dumb to the core, most of the women/girls I know are smart!

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Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

YOU 'BLEDDY' chauvinist! :P I'm happy they didnt say Arignar Anna or the sorts. Happy womens day :P

Chiju said...

:) :)

VJ said...

And you didn't call only :( I asked politely if you were busy? you were watching tv :(

i'm included in the smart girls list no?

$ph!nX said...

@Vasu..... Goes without saying.. If there is a smart girl's list.. you'll be right up there...

Chiju said...

You sent an sms post 23:00! :P
Do we still live in the same time zone??? :P
Well, the smart girls thing.. you must know and you know! :)

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