Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cricket 2009

Well, this is the first time that I am writing about PC games. People who know me would never discuss PC games with me. Dangerous Dave still remains my favorite game . Counter Strike is another.

However, Cricket is one PC game i used to play since my childhood. Thanks to EA Sports & Brian Lara Cricket, I have loved to play Cricket on my computer. Now lets walk through a couple of cricket games that have been released and played a lot of times.

Cricket 97:
Very well appreciated for its graphics, considering the technical advancements at that time, Cricket 97 was famous. The "Howzaaat" sound made by the players, every time a wicket fell, would never be forgotten by anyone who has played the game. One other memorable thing about the game is the way the batsman used to crumple, with an "Ohhhhhh" from the crowd, when he gets hit by the ball.

Brian Lara Cricket (1999 I suppose):
Though I had not played the game as much as i had played Cricket 97, it was a good one with improved animation and clearer faces of the cricketers.

Cricket 2003 (or 2005):
I don't remember the exact year. But, the game had improved difficulty levels and simulated the real game in an even better manner compared to the previous versions.

Cricket 2007:
This is the latest version that I'm playing even now. However, I would not give any positive feedback (Refer SKOAR for a good laugh). With all the players' names misspelled, the quality has definitely deteriorated, except for a better look.

Cricket 2008:
A few sites claim that inclusion of the IPL patch to the 2007 version is this. But I am not very sure about it.

Although all the above mentioned versions are famous and successful, the fan base for playing PC Cricket is gradually decreasing. However, here might be what Cricket 2009 would be like. (Just to spice up the sales a bit, you know)

Cricket 2009:
The objective of this level is to successfully transport the players from their hotel to the ground.

Time Limit:
10 Minutes

No. of Attackers:

4 Expressions:

Vivek said...

What about rocket launchers and all, are they making it FPS type?
:D Like CS?

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

ha ha ha :) Nice post man!! I guess headshots arent gonna be a problem for you here either :D
Hail The almighty Padfoot :D

Hari said...

Nice one there. Being a cricket fan myself, the 2009 idea totally strikes a chord.

I remember splooshing 699 bucks on 'ICC Cricket Captain' or something like that back in 9th standard. But I realized the user couldn't play - he could only set fields and let the game play by itself. Heavy embarrassment!

Chiju said...

Ya.. all those are involved in the game.. probably we could use cs bots..

ya.. rite.. however.. feel good to hear that from the all time hero SCARFACE..

Don't worry dude.. We've all been there.. :)

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