Saturday, October 18, 2008

Change never changes!

It all started this May. The so called Project Review got over. Wherever we turned people were getting their slam books filled, filling others' slam books, clicking the activities of the last day, posing for group photos, bidding farewell to the teachers etc. Though it was the last day in college, i didn't have that big a feeling about leaving it, may be because i never found myself belonging to that place. That was the college level picture. 

Back at home with my gang of friends(classmates), i was sure that atleast till all of us join the professional corporate world, we'd be meeting almost everyday. So, it did not matter too. It was just another semester vacation for me; Nothing had changed. Night stays, counterstrike sessions etc were daily routines. I was then thinking that i had become some heartless human being who couldn't even feel the fact that i'm leaving the most important and enjoyable days of my life. Could that be true? By any case?

Actually no. The change was happening somewhere behind. I couldn't feel it at that time. So, when did the realization come? After spending four useless months, i got my date of joining(doj) as September 29th, ten days before the joining date. Even then, i couldn't find myself in a lost state of leaving my friends back. I was then thinking, "You heartless bugger!" Again, i was wrong. The truth was that i never had the time to feel about it. I had so much of work to be done before leaving. 

After reaching Madurai, i had no free time either. I had to settle down first. Then i had to go around the place looking for the necessary stuff. In similar lines went 2-3 days. Slowly, as i started missing things at home, i had to join and the corporate life of 9AM to infinity. It has been three weeks since i joined and i've visited Coimbatore twice. I has all the fun we could possibly have after a small gap. Now that few others are also going away for work and stuff, life keeps going, rather, has to keep going.

Today's world need not necessarily care about the changes that are taking place. Probably there are other serious things to worry about(Eg: Are you in the share market?, Obama is going to cut outsourcing, if he becomes the president etc). Life is not becoming mechanical, it is mechanical already. The correct use of media will always keep everyone together. Then why worry about changes? The cliched quote says: "Change is the only thing that never changes". 

PS: This post just says that the blog is still alive. As the subject goes, there are probably so many other things like C++, process, DBMS etc running in my head that creativity to write is so low. 

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Vivek said...

True, very true.
I fell the same right now.
Nostalgia of this kind never fades.
New things replace the old and priorities change.
Mechanical Life indeed.

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

Nice post. Very true. Well, I have been nostalgic for quite sometime now salvaging every oppurtunity to think, talk about it. The world has become too fast for emotions. Hope it slows down a bit.

Swathi Vaidyanathan said...

True to the core. In most situations, we realize the impact of the change long after the actual change takes place.....may be years....may be ages....But changes take place all the time....

Jayaprasad said...

Absolutely true.Change is the only consistent thing in our life.We are born to do something in this world and will depart after completing the task.The good days in between this will remain for ever.The persons that touched our heart shall remain for ever.Whatever be the situation be!

clip said...

change is the only thing that never changes?
I don't know. I think it's required. You are right there. But, really! Can you honestly tell me you don't miss hanging with your friends? To have left everything for this god forsaken place?!!
yenny the ways.
I can see i got a huge body of work left to read. Happy Writing!

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