Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why shld i blog????

Hey people out there.

This is Sriraj(Chiju) and i'm here to share few thoughts of mine. Please put up with my thoughts. My friends used to talk about blogging always. Though i very well knew that this kind of stuff exists, i never thought of blogging. However, it so happened that my dad wanted to write and article for an association souvenir, when they completed 75 years. He was an ex-secretary there and they wanted him to write about the association. He gave that job to me, as i knew about the association as much as he knew it. When i finished it and gave it to him, he was surprised because of the fact that he din know i could write it so well. He told me that i should kind of keep writing such stuff to become better at it. So, here i'm to start blogging. Will put my first post soon.

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$p@rr()w said...

why the hell did you stop??
get back to it!!

ajey balaji said...

hey chijju, its amazing that i keep discovering something about u everyday. well, if u love to write, i think thats one thing that a man has to put to its full use, not sparing even a minute of ur free time. From ur blog tags, i gather that u like to adress social issues. thats nice too. wel keep at it. i wd love to read a poem of urs(if u have one) or if u havent, then whenever u have one. All the best for that.

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